Spring special: Eibach products -10 %


We've had quite a few weekly specials, so lets do a spring special this week. All Eibach products are on sale at a 10 % discount.

Eibach makes springs, shocks, swaybars and other suspension components. We actually did a small writeup on what they actuall do a month ago: Eibach products.

»» Race: Eibach antiroll kits
»» Race: Eibach springs
»» Race: Eibach Pro-Tronic suspension control units
»» Race: Wheel bolts and nuts
»» Race: Eibach spacers are hub-centric and model-specific. Available as bolt through and bolt on.
»» Race: Eibach Pro-Kit springs drop around 30mm and are suitable for original shock lengths as well.
»» Race: Eibach Sportline springs offer a bigger drop of 50 to 70mm. We recommend matching shocks as well.
»» Race: Eibach B12 Pro-Kit suspension kits consist of Pro-Kit springs and Bilstein B8 shocks for a drop of ~30mm.
»» Race: Eibach B12 Sportline combines Bilstein B8 shocks and Eibach sportline springs for a drop of around 50 to 70mm.
»» Race: Eibach Pro-Street-S coilovers are a height adjustable and comfortable coilover alternative.

If you're looking for an adjustable and affordable kit, we have all popular D2 street kits in stock and some pretty good prices for them as well.
»» Race: D2 adjustable coilovers.

A good suspension should not be an issue of money or availability now =)

Other things this week

Stri prices were just updated, and they are now about 20 % better in your favour. Check this out when the reading matters.

»» Stri gauge prices updated

Changes in the oil range.

»» Red Line and Castrol lineups being updated.

Have a great weekend everyone! Race.Fi / Willem