Castrol and Red Line oils


A new wind blows on the Red Line distribution scheme, so we are going to focus more and more on Castrol oils as well. The fate of Red Line in our inventory will become clear during the summer.

A big spare parts chain kind of stole the distributorship of Red Line, so the future pricing policy and availability are not clear at the moment. Now we have a very good stock situation of Red Line, and we intend to keep it that way as long as we can. Especially the additives are stocked a lot because they are harder to replace with other brands.

At the engine oil sector Castrol has rose in it's sales considerably, and we have dozens of cans of oil ready to be shipped out. To make this post a little less depressing, here are some of the seasonal products which we have plenty of stock for:

»» Race: Red Line limited slip additive. This tiny little bottle is a friction modifier which can be used to fine-tune the grip of plate-style differentials.

»» Race: Red Line water wetter makes coolant water softer, increasing cooling effectiveness a lot. Again, lots of stock on these =)

The complete listing of oils and additives is here:
»» Race: Oils, additives and treatments.