D2 coilover springs and a new recruit


Coilover springs

The D2 coilovers use standard 62mm id spring which is practically the same as most other coilover springs on the market.

Pictured: D2 main spring, helper spring perch and the helper spring

We stock most springs and helper springs. Main coilover springs are available from 3.5kg/mm to 24kg/mm. This translates to 35kg/cm and 240kg/cm. The cost for springs and helper springs is 39€/piece. The 39€ for helper springs includes the middle perch which you see in the picture.

Our forces grow
Our team got a new recruit, Turo Talvi. Turo is not a traditional "car-geek", but instead has an academic degree in international sales and marketing. I am sure Turo will give us a fresh look at some things and be a good addition to the team.
Welcome Turo!

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