Eibach: Suspension quality from Germany


Eibach is among the world's top names in suspension manufacturers. Eibach's springs are definitely familiar to all of you, but we'll try to focus on the products which are not that common. The factory makes a lot of other parts as well. They make springs all the way from ballpoint marker springs to huge versions found under scyscrapers for earthquake conditions. The same German factory also makes all their spacers and stabilizer bars as well as in-house developement.

Eibach's swaybars are made in Germany in the town of Finnentrop. All antiroll kits include front- and rear swaybars as well as suitable bushings. Swaybars are a good way to increase stability without sacrificing comfort. Swaybars can also be used to adjust under- and oversteer.. Muuttamalla vakaajien jäykkyyttä voidaan myös säätää auton yli- tai aliohjautuvuutta. Jäykkä vakaaja edessä lisää puskemista, ja takana puolestaan yliohjautumista.

»» Race: Eibach antiroll kits

Control arms and camber bolts
Perhaps the most unknown product line is the Pro-Alignment line of control arms, camber bolts and various shims and hardware for adjusting alignment. The list includes common daily drivers as well as popular tuned models. As a marginality product, these are only available though our sales at the moment.

Most Pro-Alignment products are also tuv approved.

Pro-Lift and Cargo jouset
How about lifting springs? These springs can lift the car and also offer increased load cap for those vans and station wagons which are frequently loaded with heavy cargo. The axle masses them selves are not increased, but these springs allow better handling and ground clearange with heavy loads. mielekkäämmät.

»» Race: Eibach springs

Pro-Tronic electric suspension controllers
How about chip tuning your suspension? Basically yes. The Pro-Tronic systems are an update which you can install in place of the original suspension control unit. These have a more aggressive tuning tailored for drivers who want a sportier feel on the otherwise stock suspension.

»» Race: Eibach Pro-Tronic suspension control units

Bolts and nuts
Eibach's bolt and nut range consists of hundreds of different bolts and nuts. If you need something to fit those new wheels or spacers, this is the line which has it!

»» Race: Wheel bolts and nuts

The more common Eibachs
Eibach's flagship models are familiar to all, but i'll list them here for convenience:
»» Race: Eibach spacers are hub-centric and model-specific. Available as bolt through and bolt on.
»» Race: Eibach Pro-Kit springs drop around 30mm and are suitable for original shock lengths as well.
»» Race: Eibach Sportline springs offer a bigger drop of 50 to 70mm. We recommend matching shocks as well.
»» Race: Eibac B12 Pro-Kit suspension kits consist of Pro-Kit springs and Bilstein B8 shocks for a drop of ~30mm.
»» Race: Eibach B12 Sportline combines Bilstein B8 shocks and Eibach sportline springs for a drop of around 50 to 70mm.
»» Race: Eibach Pro-Street-S coilovers are a height adjustable and comfortable coilover alternative.