Weekly special: Eibach springs - 10 %


Last weeks Sachs SRE special was a huge success, so we decided to try something even more potential. Eibach lowering springs are now on sale for - 10 %!

The product, just like Sachs SRE, is likely familiar to everyone. Pro Kit springs offer lowerings around 30mm, and Sportline kits offer drops all the way to - 70mm. Exact figures vary per car and are available in our webshop.

All Eibach springs are available from quick stocks in around a week, or from our own stock. The offer is valid from the webshop and our sales until 4.3.2016.
»» Race: Eibach lowering springs

Other things from last week

»» RVS engine treatments

»» Vems gauges are now available with the LSU 4.9 sensor

Have a good weekend!Race.Fi / Willem