Seats, seat rails and steering wheels

2016-02-15 14:29:46 by

Especially our seat mounts (37 €) and adjustable seat rails (27 €) have been very popular lately. These are stock items and we also added some lighter aluminum versions last week.
Race: Seat mounts and seat rails

We also have a decent - and decently priced - mocha steering wheel retailing at 69 €. The diameter is 350mm and depth 71mm. A steering wheel is not much without proper mounts, so Luisi adapters are also available for easy and reliable fitment.
Race: 350mm steering wheel, mocha

The Sparco Sprint FIA seat is a very reasonably priced FIA-approved seat and we just got a better price for it dropping the level to 189 € per seat. It is a popular item, so we have one available for test seating in the shop. Welcome =)
Race: Sparco Spring FIA bucket seat

The interior section in our webshop is very light-weight, so if you dont find what you need, please ask our sales for a quote and we will gladly make you a good offer!
Race: Car interior parts

- Ari