D2 EDC cancel kits and accessories


This week we did some updated on the D2 accessories and EDC cancellation kits.

EDC cancellation kits
These are plugged in to the original EDC connectors near the shock absorbers. They effectively eliminate any fault messages and warning lights when canging the suspension on a car equipped with an EDC system.

Race.Fi: EDC cancel kits

Flexible damping knobs
Available at 25, 30 and 35 cm long, these can be routed into the coilover and left in to allow easy adjusting at any time. These are a must-have in cars with tight spaces in the back, where it's usually a pain to get to the coilover. The 35cm version is the stocked length.

Race.Fi: flexible damping adjustment tools

Adjustable Volkswagen and Open topmounts
Most cars have a traditional plate type topmount which has been available from us for 10 years, but recently we added some VAG and Opel -compatible topmounts to replace those horrible oem bushing sandwiches. These are naturally camber-adjustable.

Race.Fi: VW and Opel adjustable topmounts

-Race.Fi / Ari