Davies Craig electric water pumps


Davies Craig electric water pumps have got a ton of good feeback, since, well - they are just a very good product. There is plenty of flow, as the TwinTurbo V8 RX8 driven by Eero Yli-Sipilä uses an EWP115 pump. For comparison, the biggest model in the range is the EWP150 which flows at 150 liters per minute. The electric pumps can be installed as a booster for the original pump, or more popularily as standalone thus eliminatin the original mechanical pump and gaining some power as well.

Our shop also has some accessories available, from which the most popular is the Dual Digital Controller. The controller only operates the pump when needed, and if needed acts as a "turbotimer" for the pump after engine shutdown.

Davies Craig pumps are a stocked item, and ship with a harness and relay for easy installation.

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- Willem