Cat Cams camshafts available in the webshop


We have been selling dozens of kits of Belgian Cat Cams camshafts recently, so it was due time to get these babies added to our webshop as well. We didnt list each and every cam, but picked the ones which are most popular and common. Naturally the remaining unlisted items are also availabe.

Cat Cams performance camshafts come in a number of grades ranging from mild street cams mated with OEM valetrain parts to full-race rally and track versions. All peripheral components like springs are also available, and what is handy is that each shaft in our webshop is listed with information whether you need to upgrade something else as well.

The lineup is quite large, and covers practically all popular cars from the European and Asian continents. The delivery time for these is about a week, or in some cases up to 6 weeks in case the model happens to be those that are only made by order.

A cliche we simply cant avoid: Let you car breathe!
Cat Cams performance camshafts

Other brands of performance camshafts and other head tuning parts are also available. If we cant get it, then it doesnt exist!

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- Willem