Loads of stock on PLX and Vems wideband AFR gauges


PLX and Vems wideband AFR gauges are in stock. Always. They are such a great product that they get tons of good feedback and are always ready for pickups and delivery on the same day.

With a quick comparison, our prices are also quite good on these.

The Vems combines a wideband and EGT gauge

- Wideband AFR and EGT shown at the same time.
- Delivered with a robust 6mm thermocouple, suitable for turbo use as well.
- Comes with the proven BOSCH LSU 4.2 sensor.
- A traditional button interface which works with gloves on and in low temperatures.
- Programmable for additional features and narrowband output to the ECU.

--> Vems wideband AFR in our webshop.

PLX DM6 display + SM-AFR wideband kit

- A reliable and popular wideband AFR package with touch screen display.
- Comes with the new quick response BOSCH LSU 4.9 sensor.
- The soft start prolongs sensor life.
- A modular product which can be connected and extended with other PLX iMFD line products.
- The display is only 18mm deep, allowing installation in various places.

--> PLX DM-6 + SM-AFR wideband AFR kit in our webshop.

In addition we have a lot of other gauges, and we naturally supply all sensors as spares as well.

Have a good weekend everyone!
Race Performance Oy, Riku