Trafi's new instructions ease suspension modifications


Finland's traffic security department, Trafi launched it's new guidelines for vehicle inspection on October 1st, 2015. The new guidelines allow a lot more flexibility in using different parts road-legally.

Earlier all suspension modifications were required to have a tüv approval document which ruled out a lot of the otherwise appealing options from regular road cars. The new guidelines also allow the manufacturer or an official representative to give a statement of the lowering range and road-suitability of a suspension product.

As this considers mostly Finnish customers this post remains quite short. A longer version is available on the Finnish version of this page.

Trafi documentation is available here:Rakennemuutosmääräyksen soveltamisohje

Product quickies

» Adjustable suspension kits
» Lowring springs
» Non-adjustable suspension kits
» Shock absorbers
» Air suspension
» Suspension hardware

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