Davies Craig electric water pumps listed


Davies Craig electric water pumps now available

DC electric water pumps are a much wished addition to our inventory. The pump can be installed in-line or in-place of the original water pump. The benefit of having an electric pump is that it never spins too fast (opposed to a mechanical spinning relative to engine speed). An electric pump can also be used to allow after cooling and ran after the engine has been shut down.

There are five models of Davies Craig water pumps: EP15, EP25, EP80, EP115 ja EP150. The numbers simply state the flow rate in liters per minute. The ep 115 and EP115 pumps have an aluminum body, and the smaller ones are made of plastic (the same plastic as radiator ends on most cars).

A control module is also available for the pumps.

These are already added to our webshop, take a look here:
Davies Craig electric water pumps