Race.Fi - Hifi products


Our constantly growing selection suprised us this time, as we started a new path into the hifi world. This was much wished by our customers, and so we decided to take on the challenge.

It's been a month since we started adding stuff, and now we have quite a nice selection of basic brands like Clarion and Kenwood, Groundzero, Rainbow, and Sundown Audio. This is not it yet, as we are constantly adding new brands and items aiming towards a comrehensive selection of hifi products. At this time, we have players, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, wireing kits, iso-adapters, frames and many small gadgets to get us started.

Here are a few of the hottest products in Kenwood players:

Kenwood KMM-120Y: Basic MP3 and USB player
When CDs are no longer your thing, this is a nice player to play music directly from an USB drive.
69,00 €, lots in stock *click*


Kenwood KDC-130Y: Basic CD, MP3 and USB player
KDC-130Y is Kenwoods cheapest CD player. It has the same functions as it's little brother KMM-120Y, but adds a CD tray.
99,00 €, lots in stock *click*


Kenwood KMM-BT34: MP3 player with USB and Bluetooth support
A heavier version of the KMM-120Y adds bluetooth support to play music directly from any smarphone.
119,00 €, lots in stock *click*


Kenwood KMM-BT34U: The crown jewel of affordable players with USB, MP3, Bluetooth and CD
This player combines everything from the previous players, and is a very good all-around player with no downsides.
149,00 €, lots in stock *click*

All of the players above are directly available in our webshop. Basic features in every player naturally include radio, sound adjustments etc. but to keep this simple they are not listed above. The whole selection of Kenwood players is available in our webshop HiFi products.