News 13.6.2014


We are now a contract customer of the Finnish customs

The amount of internation import and export has risen steadily, and we are now very glad to announce we became a partner to the Finnish customs buro. The contract allows some savings and faster processing of international shipments. The savings are put directly in our prices as they lower our import fees and delivery times.

No changes to customer returns
The law changed and now allows companies to collect return fees starting form 13.6.2014. We are not going to change, but instead we now offer a 30-day no-hassle free return policy. We have very little return to start with, so we are very happy to keep up our level of service and trustworhiness. Whatever makes our customers happy, so to speak =)

Our team just got bigger

Today our office table had a new job contract on it, and we are glad to announce Riku Tuomi is now working for us after his trainee period in the companu.

D2 kits now available faster
We have now moved to a daily schedule of factory orders for D2 coilovers compared to the old weekly order routine. This will shave 5 days from the delivery time at best, and is likely pretty welcome. We also stock popular models over here, but with well over a thousand applications and kits fast factory orders are very important to us.

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