Black Diamond brakes and brake fluid


Black Diamond - a smart brake company making discs, pads, braided hoses and even brake fluid at very good prices. The BD products are suitable for demanding street usage and competition use. They are not only good in advertisements, but also proven in rally, drifting and other competition use.
The range has again grown a lot, and our updated listings now offer new product for the most recent car models. The listings were also updated so that choosing the products is now just a matter of selecting your car model, and if required also the diameter of the discs. Naturally you can also select the products solely by their dimensions if you need a special disc for some special project.

Black Diamond discs give the company it's name. The discs are black phosphated which gives excellent corrosion resistance and is also a good base if you like to paint the discs. There are three versions of BD discs: grooved, drilled and combi which has both grooves and holes.
The prices are always per pair, and are suitable to be used with all brands of pads.

» Black Diamond brake discs

Black Diamond pads are suitable for the street and gravel racing. They are a soft compound which warms up quickly. They are suitable for all brands of brake discs, and a common choice of professional divers like taxi companies.

» Black Diamond brake pads

Braided hoses
Braided hoses wont flex like original rubber ones, and offer better brake response and feedback to the pedal. All kits are model specific, and made of teflon and stainless steel.
» Black Diamond braided brake hoses

Brake fluid
The black diamond brake fluid is a high quality Super DOT4 brake fluid with a high boiling point. It is suitable for racing and prolonged street use, and compatible with DOT 3 and DOT 5.1 fluids. Not mixable with silicone based brake fluids.

» Black Diamond brake fluid

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