News 27.2.2014

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The Free-Delivery era has started
Our shop now offers free delivery for letters, domestic orders over 100 € and international orders over 400 €. You can still choose all the old delivery methods, but now free of charge. The change takes place immediately, and is valid for all regular orders.

New products
Products have again been updated a lot, and many listings have been updated to our new dropdown selector standard to eliminate the need to go through several category pages. The shop has around 60.000 different items, but we want to keep the number of different pages to a minimum.
» D2 coilovers

» Clutch Masters clutches
» Sachs SRE clutches
» Black Diamond clutches
» Xtreme clutch clutches

» Gripper differentials
» Cusco differentials
» Quaife differentials (non-bmw)
» Quaife bmw differentials

» Wiseco pistons
» SPM connecting rods

STRI gauges and SRE clutches with EU's cheapest prices
With the assistance of google and a big stocking order, we have listed a few SRE clutches and STRI gauges at Europes cheapest prices. The pricing is simply based on a very high volume which allows us to go with a lower margin. These are also readily in stock in our own warehouse in Pornainen.

In gauges, the new pricing applies to all gauges, which are roughly 15 % below normal

In the Sachs SRE the pricing is very competitive for the most popular upgrade clutch covers.

A price guarantee is nowdays illegal in Finland, so instead of giving the guarantee, we encorage you to let us know if we are not the cheapest, and we will adjust the prices accordingly for all of our customers.
» STRI gauges
» Sachs SRE Performance clutch covers

Clearance category
We have for some time had a real-time clearance category on our website. This category shows all of our clearance items real time, and houses several items which failed to be picked up starting with prices from 5 € all the way to less popular D2 kits which we dont want to stock.
» Clearance sales

Open doors saturday 22.3.2014
We are naturally open from monday to friday 10am to 18pm, but on saturday 22.3 we will have a special day for you if you are not located near by, have a hard time making it in time at working days. The saturday is dedicated for having fun with our customers. We will have a BBQ and some small snacks to go with it.

To allow us to get a slight idea of how much meat we need to buy, please "register" at our event in facebook:
» Race.Fi open doors 22.3.2014

Our official facebook page is here, check it out as well =)