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Quality differentials from Race Performance

2020-12-02 12:22:30 by
Quaife, Kaaz, Cusco ja Gripper - Best differentials on the market! This post includes a overview from our differential brands.

For torsen or gear LSD we have Quaife and for clutch-type we have Kaaz, Cusco & Gripper. Quaife operation is based on a geared mechanism which tries to keep the wheel spinning at the same rate when torque is directed to the wheel with less speed and thats why it's best for street use. Cluch-type (Cusco, Kaaz, Gripper) are based on internal clutch discs which by applied torque are pressed together to lock the differential and that why they are best for race use.

For more specific information, here:
»» Race: Locking differential 101

Check all the mentioned differentials in our webshop:
»» Race: Quaife
»» Race: Kaaz
»» Race: Cusco
»» Race: Gripper

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