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D2 coilovers coming in stock!

2020-12-01 12:21:11 by
D2 coilover kit is an excellent choice for street and track, all kit has height adjustment and 36-step damping adjustment. Most kits are with McPherson and then includes the camber adjustable top mounts. Few of the most popular kits are coming in our stock with next shipment from D2.

We did take few of the most popular ones here (Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz) and they will arrive soon, in our next shipment. Height and damping adjustable coilover kit is an excellent choice for here in Finland. For winter lift it up and lower it back before summer, for example while changing tyres.

D2 kits are fully road legal here in Finland and we deliver all the Street kits with our approval on the side if you want. For the inspection you need our approval, wheel aligment report and the car. D2 kit has two year warranty including comfort warranty which allows to change the springs within 60 days of purchase, charging only shipping costs.

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