Engine preheating season has started: TT-Thermo hose heaters

2020-11-11 12:26:10 by
Preheating season has started here in Finland and we recommend to use TT-Thermo hose heater which circulate the coolant inside the engine and it's ready to start usually in half of an hour.

TT-Thermo hose heater is the most efficient and powerful electrical heater almost for any engine. Heating of a half of an hour is enough when there is max. -15C° temperature and one hour under -15C°. TT-Thermo hose heaters are now available also in kits, which includes DEFA cables for easy installation.

How to choose correct TT-Thermo heater?
500W to 1-3cyl (0-1000cc)
1000W to 4-6cyl (1000-3000cc)
1500W from 6cyl (3000-5000cc)

TT-Thermo heaters in webshop:
»» Race.fi: TT-Thermo heater kits
»» Race.fi: TT-Thermo heaters

Invoice options at race.fi:
Collector: up to 60 days of intrerest fee free payment time. 2.95€ invoice fee. Available online.
Jousto: 14 days payment time, 2.90€ invoice fee. Available online.
Mash: atleast 14 days payment time, no fees. Available in store.
All payment types can be changed into part payment. More info about payment types: Race.fi: Payment types

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