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Suspension in shape with D2 coilovers

2020-06-02 15:47:51 by
D2 coilover kit is an excellent choice for street and race, all kit has a height and 36 step damping adjustment. Some of the kits has also camber adjustable top mount and most popular sets are in our stock and others we can get usually in two weeks.

D2 has gained lots of popularity here in Finland, especially Street kit which is many peoples choice when replacing the old OEM suspension. Height and damping adjustment is excellent for all driving conditions in Finland. In the winter its possible to lift the suspension a little and in the spring lower again for example during the tire change. Damping adjustment gives much more comfort when its possible to adjust the stiffness depending what surface you drive on.

Coilover kits are road legal and we deliver our approval for the inspection, with that only the wheel alignment paper is needed (and of course the car aswell ;D). There is two years warranty on D2 street kits and it also includes the comfort warranty which means that its possible to change the spring + spring rates within 60 days of purchase, charging only shipping costs.

D2 coilover spare parts:
There are lots of spare parts available for D2 coilover kits, including springs, lock rings, dust boots and tools. We keep the most popular ones always in stock and order more regularly.

D2 coilover kits in webshop:
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D2 spare parts in webshop:
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