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Weekend offer: Mishimoto radiators + fans -10%

2020-05-29 14:51:18 by
Mishimoto radiators, coolers and fans are in discount in this weekend! The Mishimoto cooling products increases cooling performance and guarantees perfect operation even in the toughest conditions.

Mishimoto radiators
Mishimoto radiator is a model specific and high quality product which will replace the old original radiator. Mishimoto is more effective than original and excellent choice for any car which needs more cooling power with a great price - no more cooling problems. Mishimoto radiators has a bigger water capacity and engine temperature stays low even in the summer on traffic lights. If there is no suitable model specific radiator available, we have attached a pdf from all Mishimoto radiators. Most popular Mishimoto models we keep in our stock.
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Mishimoto coolers
Mishimoto cooler makes sure that the supercharged air is cool enough and the more cooler the air is the more it can be charged to the engine. Mishimoto cooler cools better exchange and flowing intercooler significantly improve the performance of the engine. With Mishimoto cooler the flow resistance is smaller and the turbo or supercharger thong produced by the hot charge air cools more efficiently than the original cooler. You can find the Mishimoto coolers with dimensions so they will fit almost for any car. Most popular ones we keep in stock ready to ship.
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Mishimoto fans
Mishimoto electric fan is a compact way to ensure radiator cooling. Mishimoto high-volume fans are both compact and come with an unmatched flow rate. For example there is 8, 10, 12 and 16" models available. Eletrcic fan is also a great choice to use with the original fan to give a additional cooling power. Most popular ones are in stock and yesterday we ordered more fans to fill the Mishimoto shelf.
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