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Weekie: Widebands

2020-05-15 11:03:21 by
Lets put widebands in a discount for the next week. Innovate, PLX and VEMS widebands can be found on our stock. Of these, there is a suitable widebands for a basic 4 cylinder or even a bigger V8 (DLG-1).

There are three major brands in the wideband range - PLX, VEMS, and Innovate, it (Innovate) also has excellent wideband for V-engines, which has been a favorite for USA engines when two sensors have two values on the same screen. Innovates basic model MTX-L has also gained popularity over the last few years, even as much as it is now one of the most sold widebands and usually always in stock.

If there is wideband in the search for a turbo engine, and it would be nice to keep up to date with the exhaust temperature smartest choise is VEMS. In addition to wideband numbers, the display shows the exhaust temperatures as well which makes it especially efficient for turbo engines. The PLX wideband represents a slightly modern package with a touch screen and it also has been one of the best selling wideband a long time. All widebands are also a cheap insurance for the engine when you see if there is any problems.

Widebands in webshop with discounted prices:
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