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More air to engine with K&N filters!

2020-05-13 14:50:20 by
K&N air filters is a great replacement for original air filter. It has more breathable texture and you may have few horse powers as well. K&N has a wide range of other filter products like oil and breather filters.

Panel air filters:

K&N panel filter replaces original paper filter, it's mounted to original filter case. Installation is pretty easy: Open the hood and filter case, old out - new in. K&N has also universal cone filters which can be mounted almost for any car. K&N filters are made of cotton and can be serviced with K&N Recharger kit.
»» K&N panel filters for original case
»» K&N cone filters for universal needs

K&N intake kits:

K&N intake kit replaces the whole original intake and comes with all the parts you need like filter and mounting accessories. Installation is not a rocket science and especially with installation manual it a quite easy. Filter can be serviced with Recharger kit like other K&N air filters.
»» K&N intake kits for bigger power needs

K&N oil filters:

K&N oil filter is a model specific and replaces original filter easily. Filter can handle a big amount of pressure without any risk of damage. In normal filter models there is a nut in top of the filter which help when removing the filter from the engine, especially in race use.
»» K&N reliable oil filters also for race use

Filter maintenance
K&N air filter maintenace is one of the important things to keep the filter in great shape also in the future. Fun fact: K&N filter breathes more when it's dirty than a new original paper filter. K&N Recharger kit includes air filter cleaner and filter oil. Maintenance is done roughly like this:

»» Recharger kit for any K&N air filter maintenance

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