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Sachs SRE products on the shelf!

2020-05-12 15:12:13 by
Sachs SRE clutch parts make sure that the clutch does not slip, for example -763 handles up to 500nm torque and -765 almost 700nm. The most common SRE products such as -763, -707 and -765 clutch covers are usually always in our stock.

The Sachs SRE is suitable for a slightly tuned street car than for a larger built track car, the Sachs SRE has a suitable clutch parts for all setups. The best selling of all, -763, -765 and -707, are also listed as their own products, because when model specific ones are not always available, you can make a suitable clutch with your own hands.

There are lots of model specific options available! The Sachs SRE model specific range covers especially European cars, but sets are also available for other brands. In addition to the PDF listing, the webshope provides an easy product code search that allows you to view the price of any SRE product. The best selling Sachs SRE products such as clutch covers are kept in our own stock and otherwise the products are ordered whenever there is a need, during the busiest season every day.

Most popular SRE clutch covers (-763, -765 etc):
»» Sachs SRE clutch covers

All Sachs SRE clutch parts in webshop:
»» Sachs SRE model specific parts

Braided clutch hoses for perfect finish:
»» Black Diamond clutch hoses

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