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Best upgrade for differential: Quaife ATB

2020-01-30 12:51:33 by
Excellent for street, race or even for off-road use! Quaife differential gives value for money by 101% as it improves driving features especially in winter or in any slippery weathers.

We recommend Quaife differential especially for street as it is almost quiet (of course its logical and there is always traction when you need it). Because Quaife is not a clutch-type differential, it works nicely when parking or driving normally and its very helpful on icy roads as Quaife never complety locks the wheels, but instead transfers more power to the wheel that has more traction.

Installation is not hard or expensive, most of the Quaife differentials are bolt-on type (old out, new in). In some cars the crownwheel is welded, which means that the crownwheel must be cut off from the OE diff and then to be bolted to the Quaife unit, after that the insallation goes basically "bolt-on". We keep the most poplar units in our own stock, now we have mostly BMW and Mercedes Quaife's here. Anyhow, non-stock models delivery time is fast as we can get them usually under a week from order.

Here is a picture from Quaife's manufacturing process:

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