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Lots of PLX widebands in stock

2020-01-29 13:34:56 by
PLX has been our most popular wideband brand of all time and that because it is easy to use, modern and trustful kit for many fuels. We keep these always in stock, but because we sell a lot of these, its highly recommend to check the availability from us for example before pickup :)

PLX SM-AFR DM-6 wideband is easy to use plug'n'play gauge for any car as it works almost with any common fuel type. "Brains" are in separate box, when its possible to hide it and install only the gauge/play inside the cabin.

What features PLX has?
- Automatic calibration (when turning the igniotion off-on)
- Narrowband outlet (its possible to replace the OE Lamda)
- Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor (newest, fastest and best)
- 52mm gauge (easy to mount when the thickness is only 18mm)
- Possible to check other numbers like water temp and oil pressure with SM-Pro

PLX wideband in webshop:
»» PLX DM-6 wideband

PLX SM-PRO in webshop:

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