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Weekie: All oils

2019-11-01 11:58:20 by
We tossed all the oils (Amsoil, Castrol and Red Line) in to our weekly offer. Now it is a great choice to get wide range of lubricants with better price.

You'll get quality oils for the engine, gearbox and differential from us! All three brands produce only the very best and therefore you dare to put them in any car as these are not "cheap mud". For example, we recommend Red Line NS oils with Quaife torsens because in our experience they have always worked best. We keep the most popular oils and viscosities in stock and we can get more usually for the next working day. For assistance with selecting the correct oil, please inquire from our sales, for example by an e-mail or call during our opening hours.

Oils in our webshop:
»» Red Line oils
»» Castrol oils
»» Amsoil oils

Have a great weekend!
- Riku / Race.Fi