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Thermo Tec heatshielding products keeps the heat under control

2019-10-25 13:43:10 by
Thermo Tec makes high quality heat shielding products for any purpose. Fitment is not limited for cars, for example the heat wrap 30x30 can be used wherever there is heat.

Thermo Tec has a wide range of different type of heat shields available for many use. Heat wraps are easy to install for example to exhaust manifold, it keeps the heat in the right place and also the turbocharger works much smoother. Heat shied tubes are very good for brakelines, oil tubes and for example for lambda sensors which are near to the engine. There is also "model specific" heat shields for exhaust, starter, turbo and silencer - they are not car or engine specific, but made for the exact use. We have a big stock of Thermo Tec products, especially 30x30cm heat sticker which can be used almost for any heat shielding.

Thermo Tec products in webshop:
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