Weekend offer: Black Diamond brakes -15%

2019-10-04 12:51:00 by
Lets put the Black Diamond stuff in discount for this weekend! Now it is a great opportunity to get brake parts with great price and maybe its time to do a whole brake job. In addition to brake parts, Black Diamond braided clutch hoses are also in offer.

Black Diamond has a great track record both on the streets and competition on both tarmac and dirt, they can also be used to replace the OEM brakes. Black Diamond brake discs are available in three model, grooved, drilled or with both. The Brake pads have a great grip and low dust level, they can also handle a big amount of heat. With discs and pads we recommend a braided brake hose kit, which is a great final update. Braided hoses make braking more accurate when the balloon-like effects are reduced from the brake pedal. Brake hoses are made from RST, so they handle the Finnish weather conditions very nicely ;)

We recommend to use Black Diamonds brake fluid with brake parts so the brakes will run perfectly. Discount is in Black Diamond , but we have also wide range of outlet BD parts with up to -40% off. Most common discs, pads, hoses and brake fluids are usually in our own stock. We order more brake parts twice a week and even the most special discs arrive in less than a week.

Check the Black Diamond brakes from our webshop, prices includes discount (up to -40% off):
»» Black Diamond brake discs
»» Black Diamond brake pads
»» Black Diamond clutch hoses
»» Black Diamond brake hoses
»» Black Diamond DOT4 brake fluid

Invoice options at race.fi:
Collector: up to 60 days of intrerest fee free payment time. 2.95€ invoice fee. Available online.
Jousto: 14 days payment time, 2.90€ invoice fee. Available online.
Mash: atleast 14 days payment time, no fees. Available in store.
All payment types can be changed into part payment. More info about payment types: Race.fi: Payment types

Have a great weekend!