More traction for winter with Quaife differential

2019-10-02 14:16:52 by
Quaife ATB is easily the best differential on the market for street and race use! It's quiet, supplied with lifetime warranty and customer feedback has always been great.

Quaife differential is one of the greatest updates for Finnish winter and beginning of it, we usually sell lots of them. When reading the customer feedback, Quaife is more stable and has more traction when comparing to the OE diff. Differentials are made and designed in UK, where the knowledge is in a great "shape". Every Quaife unit is also tested before releasing them in to the market. They works great in every weather and usually the "yellow light" does not show up that often when there is more grip available.

We have Quaife units in stock and we order more every now and then, usually couple times a week. Most popular differentials are BMW and Mercedes models, but there is also a wide range of them for other car brands. In addition for differentials, Quaife has a high quality gear kits and transmissions available as well, ask more from our sales!

Invoice options at
Collector: up to 60 days of intrerest fee free payment time. 2.95€ invoice fee. Available online.
Jousto: 14 days payment time, 2.95€ invoice fee. Available online.
Mash: atleast 14 days payment time, no fees. Available in store.
All payment types can be changed into part payment. More info about payment types: Payment types

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