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Kaaz LSD differentials is an excellent update for all setups

2019-09-04 14:02:14 by
Kaaz LSD is in a excellent price range as you are able to get more stability and performance for your car in racing conditions with reasonable amount of money. We also have wide range of spare parts such as friction discs and oils.

Kaaz LSD details:
- Available in Basic and SuperQ
- Fully serviceable
- High quality product from Japan
- Is in a excellent price range
- Supplied with Kaaz oils
- Usually available with 1, 1.5 or 2 way ramps

The Basic is most suitable for streets, with less preload and easier driveability that solid model, but is a great option for example for street racer. Solid version is made purely for racing conditions with stiffer preload and with more friction discs in it. Delivery time for Kaaz products is usually very fast and normally it's under a week to us from the Europe stock.

Kaaz LSD differentials in our webshop:
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