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Weekend offer: PLX & VEMS

2019-08-09 14:42:38 by
Lets put VEMS and PLX widebands in our this weekend offer. Both are cheap insurances to the engine and for example you can get VEMS with EGT, which will show up to the same screen with the AFR.

Today in offer: PLX and VEMS! VEMS + EGT is a excellent wideband for many cars, which has been especially favorite for turbo engines when you will see the exhaust temp from the same screen. We recommend VEMS to any highly tuned turbo car.

The PLX wideband represents a slightly modern package with a touch screen and it also has been one of the best selling wideband a long time. Both of these widebands are also a cheap insurance for the engine when you see it right away if something is wrong - not after something breaks down.

Widebands in webshop with discounted prices:
»» PLX widebands
»» VEMS widebands

Have a great weekend!