Pyydä tarjous alustapaketista

2017-02-08 16:03:36 by
Kun kerran tekee niin tekee sitten kunnolla on hyvä nyrkkisääntö. Madallusjousilla tai alustasarjalla ajettavuus muuttuu jo kertaheitolla jämäkämmäksi, mutta parhaan hyödyn osista saa kun tärkeimmät puslat ja tapauskohtaisesti osat kuten koiranluut vaihdetaan samalla uusiin.Alemmas on laskettu muutamia esimerkkipaketteja autoista joihin osia yleensä menee. Resepti on simppeli: coilit sekä tärkeimmät puslat, ja mausteeksi tarpeen mukaan tukivartta, camberpulttia tai uutta vakio-osaa. Tarvittaessa samalla rempalla kannattaa päivittää jarr...
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Amsoil öljyt tutustumistarjouksessa -20 %

2017-02-06 16:30:53 by
Amsoil laatuöljyt tulevat rytinällä markkinoille, eli ovat tämän viikon tutustumistarjouksessa -20 % normaalihinnoista.Määrän sijaan laatuun satsaava Amsoil valmistaa öljynsä tietenkin Yhdysvalloissa korkealaatuisista raaka-aineista siinä missä valtavirran isot merkit tasapainottelevat laadun ja hinnan välillä kompromisseja tehden.Amsoilin valikoimasta löytyvät lisäaineet, moottoriöljyt sekä voimansiirron öljyt. Sarjoja on valtavirrasta totuttua enemmän sillä esim. Z-Rod öljyt on tehty korkeasinkkisenä nimenomaan vanhempia harrastea...
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Innovate DLG-1 widebands in stock

2017-01-31 15:10:29 by
Innovaten DLG-1 dual widebands came into stock as it was recently added to the range.The product in short is a wideband gauge with two sensors and controllers, so it is great for V-engines and other two-pipe solutions. Packing also quite thorough, as in addition to the natural gauge-harness-sensor -things, the kit also includes an exchangeable gauge face as well as weldable lambda bungs.Kit price is 449,00 € so this is actually a pretty cheap alternative to having two separate gauges. It also prevents dash clutter unless the idea is...
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RVS prices dropped

2017-01-30 13:50:55 by
RVS treatments just got a new pricing, and we're very happy to say it dropped with the new 2017 lists.The treatments are explained more thoroughly on the product page, but to put them in a few words, RVS is a treatments which forms a triboceramic surface in places with friction, reducing toleranges and in practice rising compression pressures back to oe specs.RVS is also a part of our shelf-selection, so all the regular sizes are readily available in our own stock.»» RVS treatments...
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January's final weekie: Sachs SRE cluches -10 %

2017-01-27 14:06:22 by
The SRE catalogs just got an update on monday, so they are a natural candidate for the weekie as well.Our clutch sales #1 is Sachs SRE. Covers and discs are also available separately so a complete kit is not always the only way if you already have a disc or cover you want to use. Custom transmission - flywheels combinations are also easy to solve when parts are available separately.Discs specs as well as cover torque ratings are available on the product page.Orders over 400 € are shipped free of charge to the EU, so a kit practi...
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Lots of new Race.Fi products arrived

2017-01-26 15:59:01 by
We just got a new 200kg shipment of Race.Fi products today. We got a load of handy stuff like fuel pressure regulators, throttle bodies, intake manifolds, oil coolers and filter relocation kits.Adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 59.00 €For fuel injected turbo or n/a cars. Adjustable and comes with a mounted gauge as well.»» Adjustable fuel pressure regulatorHoodlocks, 59.00 €/pairA pair of hood or hatch locks comes in handy to make sure things stay in place. Some have also used these to fit bumper and other deta...
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OBP Hydraulic handbrakes in 2017

2017-01-24 15:30:34 by
OBP hydraulic handbrakes were just relisted and we dropped off some odd models to keep things in a simple form in 2017.OBP, as in Optimum Balance Products makes a bunch of performance stuff from which hydraulic handbrakes and pedalboxes are the most important ones.Hydraulic handbrakes - Vertical, horizontal or 45-angle handle. - 280 or 600mm handles which can be shortened. - Single and dual cylinder models.Handle length and angle are matters of opinion, but the number of cylinders is good to explain. Older cars usually have a s...
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Sachs SRE catalogs updated

2017-01-23 16:00:37 by
Sachs SRE clutches got a new application list as the previous one would soon have started preschool :)In addition to the applications catalog, the torque spec charts as well as disc information were also updated. Discs, covers, release bearings and flywheels are all listed on the same page to avoid hopping back & forth between products. Just put the product code in the code filter box and the list is filtered for you: »» Sachs SRE kytkimet...
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Weekie: Mishimoto radiators -10 %

2017-01-20 15:00:58 by
Lets continue the Mishimoto promo with the Mishimoto performance radiators.Radiators are not the first thing on our mind in winter, but are definitely a thing worth taking care of before summer comes. A third of the energy of burning fuel is transformed to heat, which means that doubling HP will also double the heat load of an engine. We also carry electric radiator fans and model-specific radiator hose kits for several models to ease the installation.»» Mishimoto aluminum radiators.Precision picks for the colder season are...
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Cone filter shelf selection

2017-01-19 15:51:01 by
Our shelf selection is quite large coverin a lot of common parts, and here's a peek into the cone filter range. K&N cone filters are available on the shelf with 3" and 4" fittings in a few different sizes for smaller and bigger bays.K&N's complete list of cone filters alone is very long ranging from smaller than 1" fittings to over 6" mega filters with optionally an angled fitting. These more special units are of course available from our sales.The shelf filters are found in the link below, and if they're not what youre after then j...
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PLX Kiwi3 OBD2 bluetooth adapter

2017-01-18 16:35:59 by
OBD2 readers come in all shapes and sizes. The PLX Kiwi3 is a very compact BT adapter for iPhone, Android and Windows phones as well as laptops.Kiwi3 toimii kaikilla Apple, iPhone ja Windows puhelimilla joihin saa useita joko ilmaisia tai alle 10€ hintaisia diagnostiikkasoftia. Yhden valmistajan ohjelmiston kanssa siis ei tarvitse olla naimisissa. Lukijalla näkee käytännössä reaaliajassa eri antureiden tiedot kuten lämmöt, ilmamassat/paineet, nopeudet ja kaasun asennot. Myös vikakoodien nollaus onnistuu useimmilla ohjelmistoilla.Th...
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More and more exhaust parts

2017-01-17 16:09:54 by
The exhaust parts category recently got a major update with parts from straight pipes to electric valves being listed. More recently we've been adding parts which have been asked for as well as some of our own picks.Ask for a quote In case webshopping isn't your thing, you cal also ask our sales for a quote. Just tell the diameter(s) and how much pipe & bends you need in addition to silencers and we'll count them up and give you the quote.Harder to find parts The webshop has all the basic parts, but in case you cant find what you'...
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Building a drifter? Don't forget your Wisefabs!

2017-01-16 15:20:58 by
The upcoming summer will definitely see quite a bunch of new fast drifters, as Wisfab sales are on a record high this winter.In addition to Wisefabs we also have the rest of what you need: coilovers, bushes, adjustable arms and brakes for example. A pretty common kit is a D2 drift or track coilover kit with a Wisefab set and some EBC, Black Diamond or D2 brakes....
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Weekie: Mishimoto intercoolers -10 %

2017-01-13 16:31:43 by
Pirun hyviä välijäähdyttimiä piirun verran halvemmalla."These come in all sizes and colours" pätee hyvin Mishimoton coolereihin - näitä saa autoon kun autoon keulalle sopivana, ja värivalikoimaakin löytyy perus hopeisesta testatusti paremmin jäähdyttävään mustaan ja astetta blingimpään kultaiseen.Linkin takaa löytyy myös mittataulukko ja muuta strategista tietoa. Asentamiseen meiltä löytyy tietenkin hyvä kattaus silikoniletkua ja kelmmareita isommasta turbosta puhumattakaan.Tämä viikko on mennyt varsin erikoisissa merkeissä....
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RVS prices updated

2017-01-09 15:58:58 by
RVS treatment prices were just updated in the shop, as we did a small market survey on the prices and availabilities. Most importantly the top selling products are listed at a price unbeatable by the competition. Total prices should also be compared. We ship small orders less than 200 € starting from 5.90 € in Finland.In addition to hearing a lot of positive feedback from customers, we've also put this in several company cars and even our lawn mover. Our truster 300k driven golf variant did get a little crisper after the treatment, probabl...
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Uusi vuosi ja uudet tuulet

2017-01-04 15:35:36 by
Vuosi on vaihtunut ja alkoi flunssaisissa merkeissä.Riku lähti armeijaan, ja homma rullaa tehostamistoimien jälkeen hyvin myös triona. Allekirjoittanut makaa miesflunssan (influenssan) kourissa kotona, mutta vähän täytyy tietenkin kirjoitellakkin.Perjantaina 6.1 eli loppiaisena olemme kiinni. Huomenna torstaina on ns. noutopäivä ja olemme auki klo 18 asti. Uudet aukioloaikamme näet yhteystiedot sivulta. Aukioloaikoja rukattiin jotta voidaan taata myöhäiset noudot ja saadaan samalla myös aikaisempia päiviä.Vuosi 2016 päättyi mukavaa...
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Sachs SRE clutches

2017-01-03 14:54:30 by
Sachs SRE kytkimet Laadukkaat ja kovaa vääntöä kestävät kytkimet. Järeimmät setit riittävät aina 1000nm väännönkestoihin bolt-on pakettina.Yleisimmät Sachs SRE kytkintarpeet varastoimme myymälässämme, ja tehdastilauksetkin koituvat ripeästi 3-5arkipäivän toimitusajalla aina tarpeen mukaan erikoisempiin menopeleihin. Kovaa suosiota on keränneet yleisimmät päivitysasetelmat, joita on hyödynnetty monenlaisissa kokoonpanoissa asetelmien hyvien väännönkestojen takia.Esimerkiksi paineasetelmat:Sachs SRE 765 SRE tuote: 883082 999765...
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Innovate DLG-1

2017-01-02 16:14:02 by
Innovate DLG-1 tuplalaajakaista Uutena tuotteena nyt verkkokaupassa, Innovaten DLG-1 tuplalaajakaista V-koneisiin.Innovaten DLG-1 tuplalaajakaista on oiva ratkaisu, kun halutaan nuuhkia V-koneiden arvoja tarkasti. DLG-1 on se mittari jota on kysytty tolkuttomasti, nimittäin yksinkertaisessa hienoudessaan kahden anturin mittari joka näyttää kummankin anturin seossuhteet samaan aikaan. Hintaa on toki enemmän kuin single -malleilla, mutta per anturi tämä on halvempi kun kaksi erillistä mittaria. Bonuksena kojelautakaan ei näytä niin palj...
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D2 in webshop

2016-12-30 14:50:29 by
D2 alustanosat verkossa 2016 loppuvuosi on ollut ahkeraa näpyttelyä. Olemme listanneet kaikki D2 tuotteet, isojarrusarjat, tukivarret, ilmasarjat sekä coiloverit uusimman listauksen mukaisesti verkkokauppaan.D2 coiloverit Lyhyesti kerrattuna suosituimmasta street -sarjasta löytyy - 36-portainen jäykkyyssäätö. - korkeudensäätö alakannakkeella (iskari ei pohjaa kuten jousesta säädettävissä malleissa). - jousen esijännityksen säätö. - Ja McPherson malleissa tilan salliessa camberkulman säätö. - 2 vuoden takuu.Sport, Rally jne. s...
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News 29.12.2016

2016-12-29 16:14:06 by
Happy new year 2017! Soon new year will land shining and Race Performance Oy people wishes safe, booming and sparkling new year! Few things that are current for the ending of this year and for the new year.Opening times changed from 26.12.2016 Store opening times changed before new year, and we service at our shop on weekdays:Monday: 09:00 - 17:00 Tuesday: 09:00 - 17:00 Wednesday: 09:00 - 17:00 Thursday: 10:00 - 18:00 Friday: 10:00 - 15:30...
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Oils and additives

2016-12-28 15:35:36 by
Oils and additives We have alot of quality additives and oils available. As new Oil/Additive we bring AMSOIL brand.Few weeks ago, we added AMSOIL oils and additives to webshop, which are available for order now. As we clearance Red Line (not including NS (Non-slip) differential oils) AMSOIL will take Red Lines place on oils.As Red Line, AMSOIL oils are priced a bit higher than the normal oils, and are atleast if not better than Red Line products.Red Line stock will be clearanced with shocking -40% discount. ;)Check out our...
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Merry xmas & happy new year

2016-12-23 14:50:56 by
Allthough the xmas period is one big sales boom, we decided that this week will be dedicated to friends, relatives and why not a little garage life as well. For this reason we dont have a weekie this week, but instead wish everyone a very merry xmas and a happy new year!2017 opening hours As Riku goes to the army in early January, we decided to change our opening hours so that late pickups are possible, but a constat 10 to 6 time isnt the only option of working hours. With a bigger crew we could have a flexible timetable alternating...
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Cibie add-on high beams

2016-12-22 17:19:01 by
Lisäpitkillä lisää valotehoa ja turvallisuuttaMeiltä löydät myös paljon erilaisia lisävaloja ihan perus halogeeneistä älyttömän tehokkaisiin LED valoihin. Auton keulille lisävaloja suunnitellessa kannattaa kuitenkin referenssiluvut ja muut säädökset ottaa huomioon, niin liikenteessä selviää myös ilman huomautuksia.Perus pitkistä löytyy esimerkiksi edukkaita halogeenipolttimoilla varustettuja Bosch apukaukovaloja - hintalaatusuhde kohtaa varmasti ja tehoakin piisaa - Boschin lisäpitkillä saadaan kuitenkin jo huomattavasti parempi val...
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D2 big brake kits are now in our webshop

2016-12-21 17:23:54 by
D2 big brake kits are now in our webshopD2 big brake kits are now listed in our webshop. There is brakes from 286mm to huge 400mm monsterbrakes.Front brake kits There are two main categories in D2 brakes, street and sport kits. Kits includes calipers, discs, pads, braided hoses and brackets. There are discs sizes from 286mm to 444mm and calipers with 4, 6, Super-8 and Super-12 pistons. All the discs are two part and you can also order discs in floated. Floated discs are more durable and allow also thermal expansion, so discs don't...
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Overview of suspension parts

2016-12-19 17:23:35 by
In addition to the two previous overviews here you are with review of our suspension parts list. We offer a tremendous amount of parts & brands especially for suspension uses.Suspension kitsD2 D2 coilovers and air suspension kits are quality bolt-on kits with both adjustable damping and height. D2 is the oldest coilover brand in Finland and has definitely found it's place and proven to be withstand winter conditions excellently as well. »» Race: D2 adjustable coilovers »» Race: D2 air suspension kitsEibach Eibach is the germ...
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Weekie: K&N products -20%

2016-12-16 11:45:24 by
K&N is the best air filter you can use in your car - in practice, it's eternal, now K&N is also in our weekly offer -20%!K&N air filter is one of the best modifications on your daily driver, it allow more air to engine - that means more power and lower fuel consumption, because engine doesn't have to work so hard to get the air. K&N filters practically lasts forever, assuming that you clean it occasionally. Simply = when the normal "paper" filter is dirty and ready for a change, K&N only needs a little wash - you can get the K&N Recharg...
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Kenwood players

2016-12-15 15:36:54 by
Kenwood players!We have nice amount of Kenwoods in stock and there is also new models available.Kenwood is simply a very good player and the radio works very well - they even say that Kenwood has the world best radio in the market. Kenwood is also a very good choice for car hifi use, you can remote even a little bigger sound system with it. You can find the popular Kenwoods directly in our stock.You can find all the Kenwwoods model in the Kenwoods finnish site - you can also compare Kenwood models and find the best for your use!...
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DB Schenker uutena kuljetustapana: Toimituskulut alkaen 4.90 €

2016-12-14 15:42:06 by
DB Schenker uutena kuljetustapana: Toimituskulut alkaen 4.90 €Pakettimarkkinoille tuli uusi toimia, nimittäin DB Schenker joka puskee erittäin järkihintaista noutopistepakettia kovasti markkinoille. Noutoverkostona toimivat nyt R-kioskit, ja verkosto laajenee 2017 alussa "merkittävästi". Jäädään odottamaan mitä se sitten meinaa.Tikusta asiaan kuitenkin: Sovittiin Schenkerin kavereiden kanssa että tarjoamme noutopistepaketit hintaan 4.90 € vuoden loppuun. Alkuvuodesta hinta on sekin ihan edukas, nimittäin 5.90 € kun pakettipalveluide...
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Mishimotolla reilusti jäähdytystehoa!

2016-12-13 16:57:32 by
MishimotoMishimoto mallikohtaiset alumiinijäähdyttimet Mishimoton moottorinjäähdytin on mallikohtainen ja laadukkaasti valmistettu että viimeistelty. Mishimoton jäähdytysteho on alkuperäistä jäähdytintä reilusti parempi ja varsinkin erittäin hyvä kompromissi jäähdyttimelle hintansa puolesta. Mishimotossa on myös isompi vesitilavuus ja täten rutkasti parempi teho jopa liikennevaloissa seisoessa. Jäähdyttimistä löytyy myös mitta pdf, josta pääsee valitsemaan sopivaa jäähdytintä myös mitoilla. »» Race: Mishimoto alumiinijäähdyttimet...
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Katsaus moottorin osiin

2016-12-12 14:33:07 by
Katsaus moottorin osiinViime viikkoisen putkistokatsauksen innoittamana väsättiin toinen samalla kaavalla, mutta tällä kertaa moottorin osista.MännätCP Pistons: CP pistons jenkkifirma Carillon tytäryhtiö joka valmistaa todella laajasti takomäntiä Japanilaisista Eurooppalaisiin yli 18 vuoden kokemuksella. CP Pistons valmistaa ja on erikoistunut myös mittatilausmäntiin, jonka vuoksi CP Pistonsilta löytyy käytännössä mäntiä ihan mihin vain. CP Pistonsille voi kysellä tarjousta näppärästi puhelimitse tai sähköpostitse. »» Race: CP...
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Weekie: All the Eibach products -20%

2016-12-09 16:04:04 by
Weekie: All the Eibach product -20%We will put every Eibach products -20% in our weekly offer - We will sell every Eibach product in our range with -20% discount!Eibach is a high quality manufacturer in Germany who has a wide range of car suspension parts. There is coilovers and normal suspension kits available from Eibach, and of course there is only lowering springs available. The most popular Eibach products are Eibach B12 pro-kit, Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs and Eibach Pro-street S coilover kit. Shock absorbers are from Bils...
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Katsaus pakoputkistoihin, laippoihin, tiivisteisiin ja putkitarvikkeisiin

2016-12-08 17:11:38 by
Katsaus putkistoihin ja putkitarvikkeisiinSupersprintSupersprint putkistot ovat Italialaisvalmisteisia laadukkaita teräksestä tehtyjä pakoputkistoja pääasiassa autoihin. Suuri osa Supersprintin tuotteista osoittuu BMW, Audi, Ford ja Volkswagen akselille, mutta tietenkin Supersprintiltä löytyy paljon putkiosaa muihinkin autoihin.Supersprint valmistaa ihan koko settejä pakosarjasta lähtien tai toki erikseen saa sitten pelkkää takapönttöä tai muuta putkiston irto-osaa, esim katalysaattoreita. Supersprintin putkistolle voi tiedustella...
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Black Diamond & EBC brakes

2016-12-07 15:35:11 by
Black Diamond & EBC brakesBlack Diamond and EBC brakes from us - Both brands makes high quality brake part for street and track use!Black Diamond does not need much demonstration, you can find all the Black Diamond products from us and of course with good prices. For example there are three BD brake disc types: grooved, drilled and grooved & drilled. There are BD discs for every car and use. Black Diamond brake pads have a very good heat resistance and have a low level of dust and good friction, and yes - Black Diamond works even wh...
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AMSOIL engine oils, transmission oil & additives

2016-12-05 15:23:16 by
Amsoil öljyt ja lisäaineetAmsoil on laadukas täyssynteettisten moottoriöljyjen ja lisäaineiden valmistaja.Amsoil on amerikkalainen öljy ja lisäainevalmistaja yli 40 vuoden kokemuksella, Amsoil on perustettu jo vuonna 1972. Amsoilin valikoimasta löytyy rutkasti erilaisia öljyjä ja lisäaineita autoihin, mutta myöskin moottoripyöriin, mopoihin, veneisiin ja kelkkoihin löytyy omat tuotteensa.Amsoilin lisäaine puolelta ja osasta öljyjä se tulee korvaamaan Red Linen valikoimaa, esimerkisi Red Linen Water Wetterin poistuessa Amsoilin D...
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December first Weekly: Cusco differentials -10%

2016-12-02 14:54:08 by
Cusco makes one of the best differentials for track use!Cusco list two main types, MZ and RS diffs. There are also three different ramp angles available, 1 way, 1.5 way and 2 way. Ramp angles means the locking direction of differential and needs to be selected according to usage, for example different track uses.MZ models are recommended for only the track, because the lock has a small preload even without any torque - so its very loud at the street use. RS models are mainly for track use, but this can also be a compromise for sreet...
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Holset and Garrett turbos!

2016-12-01 12:51:11 by
Holsettia ja Garrettia menee nykyään mukavasti, varsinkin kun listatiin tovi sitten hieman enemmän Garrettiakin verkkokaupan puolelle.Holset ahtimet ovat kautta linjain suosituimmat tuotteet meillä ja ei ihan suotta - valikoimaa ja sopivuutta löytyy tosi moneen autoon ja on myös helposti sovellettavissa. Yleisimpiä malleja löytyy meiltä ihan suoraan verkkokaupasta sopivuuksineen.Garrett by Honeywell on taatusi laatu ahdin, kuulalaakeriahdin myös reagoi erittäin nopeasti ja ahdoille päästään reilusti aikaisemmin kun muissa saman koko...
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PLX and Vems widebands!

2016-11-30 13:34:12 by
Vems and PLX widebandsThese are the most popular widebands in our sale history because these widebands really works well!We keep always these two in stock and now there is coming a huge amount of PLX widebands again in our stock soon. At the moment we sell PLX the most and sometimes they even ran out PLX in the factory but that is mainly a positive "problem".There are many options, especially in Vems - with 4.2 sensor, with 4.9 sensor, with EGT, without EGT or with sensor and EGT. We also can get sensors for PLX, example oil, wa...
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All the D2 air suspension now in our webshop!

2016-11-29 16:15:37 by
Verkkokauppaan on nyt lisätty uusimman listauksen myötä kaikki D2 ilmajousisarjat, kätevästi vetovalikon avulla.Herrasmiesmäinen ajokäytös ja mukavuus. Voit säätää autosi korkeutta suoraan ajosta. Kaikissa sarjoissa on myös peruskorkeuden ja jäykkyyden säätö. Sarjat eivät vaadi muita osia asennukseen, eli kaikki sarjat ovat täydellisiä automalliin tarkoitettuja settejä.D2 ilmajousisarjoja löytyy neljää eri mallia, aina basic versiosta Goldiin. Lisätiedot eri malleista löydät verkkokaupastamme. Tätä nykyä kaikki ilmasarjat ovat myös...
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Quaife differentials!

2016-11-28 16:37:36 by
We sell lots of Quaife differentials at this time of the year and we also updated Quaife application lists in our webshop!Quaife differential is the best street and trackday limited slip available, its silent and also very reliable - it comes with lifetime warranty!Biggest change in Quaife listing happened in Mercedes-Benz Quaifes, now every Mercedes Quaife diff is in our webshop. Quaife differentials are also now in our weekly offer, we will give you diff oils free of charge with all Quaife differentials!Check Quaife in our web...
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Weekie: Castrol or Red Line oils free with all Quaife ATB purchases

2016-11-25 15:35:34 by
Best oil for the best street diff? Deal!Quaife, Red Line and Castrol are brands that dont really need introductions. A wonderful ATB with quality oil is a definite choice for winter.Well the black friday then... 1.) 5 % additional discount on all webshop products. 2.) In our shop, all products on wholesale discounts. 3.) All D2 stock kits -100 €: D2 suspension kits To be clear: Promos can not be combined. The D2 -100€ stock discount on it's own is over 10 % for example.Other news this weekD2 coilover listings wer...
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D2 coilover listing updated according to 2017 list

2016-11-23 12:49:18 by
D2 coilovers were just updated in our shop. Ari's excel was in tough use as he went through the update which resulted in 451 new models being added as the shop is brought up to date with the 2017 listing of d2 coilovers.The kits are now 100 % mot-passable as Trafi's (The finnish traffic governance) instructions no longer require model-specific tüv certificates. Working in winter and finlands tough conditions, these are kits which definitely offer a good value for money. Additional information on Finnish MOT and Trafi's instructions Tra...
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Clutch updates

2016-11-22 16:22:06 by
Clutch updatesAfter updating the Clutch Masters listing the CM sales have positively rocketed. It seems the update was well placed. The Sachs SRE listing is still in the stone ages with it's pdf listing. It is suprisingly hard to get a simple excel/tabular file which could be used to create a decent listing. We're pretty sure Sachs has one, but the problem is finding the correct person to send it to us from the thousands of people working st ZF-Sachs.We thought a bit outside the box: We made a simple product filter. By pasting the prod...
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Cibie LED high beams in offer

2016-11-21 16:58:20 by
Cibie high beams are in our November special and the offer is valid over a week!High quality Cibie LED high beams are in our November offer next week until Wednesday. Cibie lights are one of the best high beams in the market and these are really durable and bright even in bad weather.You can get the Cibie lights in pcs, pair or in pair with the installation kit. Also you can get the lightbars from us, so the installation is easy and durable.Check the offer! »» Race: Cibie high / Riku...
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Weekly offer: D2 Air suspension -100€

2016-11-18 12:51:50 by
Lets put the D2 air suspensions -100€ in our weekly offer!D2 air suspension is the choice when elegance, comfort and adjustable height is your thing. You can change the car height while driving and thats very useful when you drive in different conditions.There is four different D2 air suspension model available: Basic, Deluxe, Gold and Superpro. All the air suspensions are nowdays also very much mot-compatible. »» Race: D2 Air suspenionsOther news this weekWe got the Smartvan LED lights in our webshop on Monday, thes...
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Open doors & christmas party 2016

2016-11-18 12:47:35 by
Järjestämme toimitiloissamme Pornaisissa avoimet ovet ja pikkujoulut perjantaina 25.11.2016. Tarjolla on tietenkin kahvia ja pullaa pitkin päivää.Ovet avautuvat kymmeneltä ja päivä jatkuu avointen ovien merkeissä klo 18.00 asti. Kuudelta aletaan juhlimaan pikkujouluja. Niin avoimiin oviin kuin pikkujouluihinkin ovat tervetulleita kaikki.Pikkujoulutarjouksiakin on tarjolla paikanpäällä vaikka pääpaino tapahtumalla onkin tutustuminen ja rupattelu.Paikka Race Performance Oy Välitie 6, 07170 Pornainen Avoimet ovet klo 10.00 - 18.00,...
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Eibach bolts updated!

2016-11-16 16:29:46 by
Eibach bolt list is updatedWe did updated Eibach bolts in our webshop!Eibach wheel bolts and nuts is listed in our webshop again and now you can search the bolts with type, thread and lenght. Grade is 10.9, so these are very durable and don't fall apart easily.There is different types of bolts available, for example flat head, round head, and taper head - so these bolts are almost for every use, also in black colour.Check the bolts and nuts in our wehshop: »» Race: Eibach studs »» Race: Eibach wheel bolts »» Race: Eibach...
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New product - Smartvan LED-lights

2016-11-14 16:05:26 by
New product -Smartvan model specific LED-lights We just added new product in our webshop - Smartvan LED-lights back of the van.Smartvan model specific LED-lights replace low power original lights to more powerful LED lights. Installation is very easy plug&play, because these are model specific and with connectors which will fit in original connectors in the car.LED lights are more safe than normal light, because it's more brighter and helps you find what you are looking for without fearing falling out of the vechile. There is a...
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Weekly: D2 Big Brake Kits -100€

2016-11-11 16:50:31 by
Lets put on some proper brakes!D2 bigbrake kits are a wonderful bolt-on big brake upgrade. They offer suprior braking performance for track cars, and a definite looks upgrade for show purposes. The kits include discs, calipers, carriers, braided hoes as well as all neccessary mounting hardware.Check out the prices on our website: »» Race: D2 big brake kitsOther news this weekLots of PLX and vems gauges in stock. These are always in stock and we also carry all spare sensors & mounting hardware for them.»» Wideband...
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2016-11-09 16:40:06 by
PLX and VEMS are the most popular widebands!We sell PLX and Vems widebands at an even pace - because they are smart choice for your car. PLX is a little newer product in our range than Vems, but we have sell lots of PLX - many dozens in month at this summer. Both widebands are with the newest LSU 4.9 sensor, but the Vems is also available with 4.2 sensor.There is also spare lamda sensors for PLX and Vems, in our stock. Lamda sensors are very sensitive devices and can break down easily when you search the right fuel mixtures and the...
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Quaife listings updated

2016-11-07 16:38:01 by
Quaifen lukkoperät verkossa Uusimman listauksen myötä verkkokaupastamme löytyy nyt kaikki Quaifen valikoiman lukkoperät. Uutuutena myös Mercedes Benz lukkoperät, joita ei aikaisemmin verkossa oltu listattuna.Myös Quaifella itsellään on useita lukkoperiä, tilauksesta tehtäviä. Mikäli listalta ei löydy etsimääsi lukkoperää, ota yhteyttä myyntiimme niin tarkistetaan mikäli näitä saa valmistettua tilauksesta.Päivitetyn listauksen myötä haku tuotteille on nyt hieman tarkempaa ja fiksumpaa. Markkinoiden yksi parhaista peristä katukäyttöö...
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Weekie: Sachs SRE clutches -10 %

2016-11-04 16:37:42 by
Lets continue the weekies with something great - the entire Sachs SRE clutch lineup - 10 %.Sachs SRE as in Sachs Race Engineering is the same German quality as OE Sachs parts, but made for competition and tuning purposes. The range covers clutches for almost all European and Asian models in organic and sintered kits.SRE is a German brand and it shows. They aremong the very few brands that list an actual torque cap in Nm to all of their kits. This info is of course available on our site as well. Most common Sachs SRE products are in...
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Spare parts sales rising

2016-11-02 16:43:30 by
Meiltä Racelta löytyy huima määrä ihan perinteisiäkin varaosia kaikenlaisiin huoltotoimenpiteisiin!Virityspalikoiden ohella ollaan laajennettu myös meidän varaosaverkostoa ja valikoimaa, nyt varaosiakin löytyy jo ihan mukavasti viiden varaosatukkurin voimin. Lähes kaikkia osia saadaan toimiteltua jopa päivässä parissa, lähes poikkeuksetta saadaan osat aina seuraavalle arkipäivälle myymäläämme.Kaikki varaosat ovat vähintääkin alkuperäistä vastaavaa kilkettä - tuotemerkkeinä on muun muassa luotettavat Bilstein, Sachs, Lemförder, Fram,...
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Engine kit packages

2016-10-31 14:46:12 by
Racelta saat moottorin osat myös pakettina tarvittaessa jopa osamaksulla.Talven aikana rakennellaan mitä mielenkiintoisimpia projekteja. Erityisesti moottoripuolen osat menevät talvikaudella pakettina: männät, kanget, laakerit, pultit, tiivisteet, jakopää ja tapauksesta riippuen kytkin ovat melko yleinen peruspaketti jolla pääsee jo pitkälle.Kertaostoksena moinen setti voi olla hinnaltaan sellainen ettei sitä ihan suoraan lompsasta löydy. Tähän löytyy lääkkeeksi osamaksu jota voi hakea suoraan verkkokaupasta haluamalleen määrälle. 1...
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Weekie: Eibach springs, B12 kits and coilovers -10 %

2016-10-28 15:18:28 by
Until next friday: Eibach suspension kits on autumn promo!Suspension parts are generally a bit off-season at the moment, but lets push it a bit for you early birds thinking about a suspension for next summer!On promo are the Pro-Kit and Sportline lowering springs, Pro-Street-S adjustable coilovers and the B12 Pro-Kit and B12 Sportline kits consisting of Eibach springs and Bilstein B8 shocks. The B12 kits consistantly get extremely good feedback.We doubt Eibach suspension parts need much introduction, but we went through the des...
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November special: Cibie LED add-on high beams -10 %

2016-10-27 17:20:33 by
We added the Cibie LED add-on high beams today and decided to put them on a November promo straight on!Cibie LED lights are definitely not the cheapest you can get, but they are the best. Cibie has been making lights for nearly a hundred years. The lights have been sprayed with salt, submerged in water and put in an oven just like a turkey - Cibie lights are made to last the lifetime of your car!The range offers lighting power all the way up to 1200 lumen and a range of 500 m. Lights are available in 5.6", 7" and 9" diameters and ar...
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Clutch Masters listing updated

2016-10-26 16:58:33 by
A fresh Clutch Masters listing has just been update in the shop after a few days of work with a nearly 10000 row excel sheet. In addition to a traditiona batch run, we made sure popular models are as easy to pick as possible.Clutch Masters, in short CM, is an American clutch brand which covers clutches from organic to multiplates and flywheels for Asian, European and American cars.FX100 - FX300 -series consist of organic kits which are very streetable. FX100 is basically an oem replacement, and FX300 an uprated organic kit offering...
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Holset HX35, HX40 and HX50 turbochargers

2016-10-24 17:15:38 by
Holset seems to be a very common choice for an upgrade. Not in vain, as they definitely offer a very good turbo for decent money.Our shop has a listing with the HX35, HX40 and HX50 -series units.The top seller is naturally the HX35 -series where the base model offers a solid oil-only turbocharger for 1.8 to 2.5 liter engines for 300 to 500 hp with a #12 turbine.HX35 super comes with a #8 turbine and is water cooled. It suits 1.6 to 2 liter engines reacing powers from 300 to 450 hp. The turbine is relatively small, so this turbo...
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Weekie: K&N -10%

2016-10-21 16:16:51 by
K&N is the best air filter you can use in your car - in practice, it's eternal, now K&N is also in our weekly offer -10%!K&N air filter is one of the best modifications on your daily driver, it allow more air to engine - that means more power and lower fuel consumption, because engine doesn't have to work so hard to get the air. K&N filters practically lasts forever, assuming that you clean it occasionally.Simply = when the normal "paper" filter is dirty and ready for a change, K&N only needs a little wash - you can get the K&N Rech...
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Red Line oils works nice also in the winter

2016-10-19 16:40:46 by
Red Line is the best oil you can use, also on winter!Red Line needs no introduction at all, because for simply = it's a very high quality oil for every use. It is also a great choice for winter driving, Red Line oils does not go tacky and work very well in cold starts. We also have a wide range of oil filters, for example we have K&N and spare part filters lots of in stock.Red Line also has one of the best differential oils in the market - they keep sure that for example Quaife differential or gearboxes works well and right. Also p...
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Comfy + slammed = possible

2016-10-17 16:41:36 by
Comfort and slammed dont traditionally go hand in hand, but an air suspension makes the equation very much possible. Air suspensions offer a huge drop as well as a comfy ride.D2 air suspension kits are as bolt-on as an air suspension kit can be. Struts are naturally bolt on, and what's left to do is wire and pipe routing. Air suspension kits are notably comfortable, and height is literally adjusted by a twist of your hand.The kits are available in four variants; Basic, Deluxe, Super Pro and Gold.Basic is namely the base model wi...
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Weekie: Adjustable control arms -10 %

2016-10-14 15:26:19 by
We continue the weekies with a -10 % off D2 and Race.Fi adjustable arms.Where our own selection is aimed towards Japanese & drift cars, the D2 selection focuses on newer European makes. While not officially on promotion, we will also give very good quotes on Eibach, Wisefab and Whiteline arms during the week.Shipping on orders over 400€ is free of charge to the EU, and smaller packages start from 10 ... 20€. You can order from the webshop, or directly from our sales»» Race: adjustable control armsOther news...
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Limited slip differentials

2016-10-12 17:09:24 by
Kytkinten lisäksi syyspiikissä olennaisena osana ovat lukkoperät. Talvi tulee, ja vaikka drifting ja ratasarjat jäävät tauolle, alkaa rallien talvikausi jo lähestyä. Tehdäänpä siis lukkokuulumisiin pikku katsaus.Minkälainen lukko? Kadulle torseni, kisaan levylukko.Quaifen ATB rataslukko on perusrakenteeltaan torsen, eli aistii vääntöä ja siirtää voimaa sutivatlta pyörältä pitävälle. Quaife toimii myös luistoneston ja ajonvakautuksen kanssa, eikä aiheuta turhia kolinoita tai kanitteluita liikenteessä.Levylukko puolestaan luk...
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Clutches & flywheels

2016-10-10 16:59:24 by
Koska kytkimet tekevät kauppaansa tasaisen ällistyttävällä tahdilla, tehdään tänään pikku kertaus merkeistä ja tarvikkeista joita meillä on.Korkeampaa väännönkestoa Viritettyihin moottoreihin löytyy ratkaisu käytännössä Clutch Masters, Xtreme Clutch tai Sachs SRE linjalta.Kaikki valmistajat tarjoavat sekä sintteri että massasarjoja ja puristusvoimaltaan jykevämpiä asetelmia. Sarjoja löytyy alkuperäisen vauhtipyörän kaveriksi, ja useimpiin uudempiin autoihin myös ns. kovan vauhtiksen sisältäviä sarjoja joilla kaksoismassan väännön...
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Weekly special: Eibach Spacers -10 %

2016-10-07 15:02:52 by
Winter wheels are going on in the northern part of Europe, so what would be a better weekie than spacers! With a set of proper Eibach spacers your winter wheels wont look shy, and there's no need to park the car in a concealed corner - at least as far as the ET-police is concerned ;)Eibach spacers are naturally model-specific and hub centric. Most cars have thicknesses available from 5mm up to 30 - 35mm, and some up to 45mm.Most kits come with longer bolts and/or nuts, allthough a few types need additional hardware. What comes with...
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Widebands in stock

2016-10-05 15:02:24 by
Now we have our shelves full of widebands again!The best sellers are PLX and Vems and thats why we stock them always - now we have several dozen units PLX and VEMS in stock. Vems wideband + EGT is very smart choice when you want to check also the exhaust temperature, of course there is an Vems option without EGT. PLX is normally without EGT, but of course you can buy and install it if it's needed - PLX with EGT has been a very smart option for many cars.In summary we can say that when also the EGT is needed, buy Vems and when its no...
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Mercedes parts from Mbspecialist

2016-10-03 16:27:03 by
Meiltä Racelta saa mersun osia Mbspecialistin kautta!Tiesithän että toinen verkkokauppamme Mbspecialist Suomi, tuo maahan mersun osia kaikkiin malleihin. Suurimman osan valikoimasta löydät näppärästi osanumerolla tai automallilla suoraan verkkokaupastamme. Tarjolla on rutkasti uusia ja käytettyjä purkuosia kilpailukykyiseen hintaan - tarjolla on myös hyvät tiedot osista, esimerkiksi käytetyissä osissa on aina tieto kuinka paljon ajetusta autosta se on purettu.Kilometrit on hyvä tietää käytettyjä osia ostaessa ja se on myös rehellis...
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Weekly offer Bilstein shocks -10%

2016-09-30 13:49:25 by
Now we did put the Bilstein shocks in our weekly offer -10%Bilsten is a high quality shock absorber from Germany and there is a shock option for every use, for racecars, dailydrivers and for many other! We have a huge range of Bilstein shocks, not in our webshop yet, but you can easily call or mail us regarding Bilstein prices and availabilities.And i also want to mention, that Bilstein has a very quick delivery - we can get almost any Bilstein shock for next day when we order before 15.00pm.Check the Bilstein category in our w...
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Exhaust parts

2016-09-28 14:11:40 by
We have lots of exhaust parts in our range!Ari has listed lots of exhaust parts in our webshop in last few days and now we have exhaust sleeves, branches, cones and electric controlled valves in our webshop. All exhaust parts are high quality and big part of sleeves, branches and cones are made of stainless steel - so these will not rust at all.We are vey excited about the electric controlled valves for exhaust - it will keep the noice down at low rpm and can also work with the engine. So when you drive at higher rpm, the flange w...
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D2 coilovers in stock

2016-09-26 16:19:03 by
We got a nice amount of D2 coilovers in our stock!D2 damping and height adjustment coilovers are good choice in street and track. There are lots of D2 coilovers in our stock, for example for Audi, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and Mitsubishi. Now every D2 coilover and air suspension is MOT compatible for every car with D2 document, which is of course free of charge from us.If you are looking for adjustable suspension, D2 is the right choice if you want driving comfort, height/stiffness adjustment or both. Height adjustment is also ver...
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Weekie: Davies Craig water pumps -10%

2016-09-23 12:04:04 by
Davies Craig electric waterpump is brilliant choice when you want to make sure that your cooling works for sure.There are Davies Craig waterpumps in sizes 15-150l/min, smallest pumps are made of nylon and biggest are with strong alloy frame. You can buy the water pump kit which contains also digital controller, which will change the blower and pump speed when needed. Of course there is only a water pump available, if the controller is already acquired.Davies Craig water pumps has been used in motorcycles and even in some lawn mowers...
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Garrett turbos from our webshop

2016-09-21 16:31:22 by
There is a little bit more Garrett turbochargers in our webshop now.Garrett by Honeywell is a high quality turbocharger even for demanding taste - we are an official representative for Garret turbochargers, which means you can get all the Garrett parts from us and tecnical support of course! I just finished a little job regarding to the Garrett turbochargers - there is now most popular Garrett model in our webshop. For example we listed turbos for Skyline and 200sx, but of course you can mount these Garrett turbocharger almost every ca...
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Powerflex easily

2016-09-19 15:01:46 by
You can find Powerflex polyurethane bushings easily from our webshop!Powerflex bush is a high quality polyurethane bush, which improve car handling and it's also more durable than normal "rubber bush".There are Powerflex almost for every car and of course with fast delivery - almost every bush is in our wholesales stock, so delivery time is only day or two. We also have listed suspension diagrams in our webshop, which helps find the right bush for you car - because item names are sometimes very confusing, even for professionals....
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Weekly: Simons exhausts -10%

2016-09-16 17:01:22 by
Now we did put Simons exhausts in our weekly offer!Swedish Simons exhaust is a good choice for every car. There are huge amount of different silencers available, so you can always get the best benefit and sound from the exhaust. We have now a price list in our webshop for all the Simons exhausts and i need to mention that we also have a fast delivery for all the Simons products!Check the Simons exhausts in our webshop: »» Race: Simons exhaustsHave a good weekend! Race.Fi / Riku...
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Winter tires from us

2016-09-14 16:56:12 by
Winter tires from usIn our selection you will find winter tires at an affordable price for every car or van.We have lots of different tire brands in our range, for example we got Nokia, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Linglong and Dunlop tires available - and of course with fast delivery and good prices! For example a set of Linglong spike tires costs 239,00 € (incl. vat24%) + delivery costs and Hankook spike tires 299,00 €(incl. vat24%) + delivery costs - ask more from our sales.Feel free to contact our sales and ask a offer: »» Ra...
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Volvo Amazon 60-years

2016-09-13 15:11:50 by
Last weekend Riku made an excursion to Lahti to the Volvo Amazon 60-years party. Riku him self has one Amazon so he went to check out the meeting. Here are some pictures of the cars foun in Lahti.Have a good week everyone! / Riku...
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We also sell lots of gaskets and flanges

2016-09-12 15:28:34 by
We also sell lots of gaskets and flangesWe have a huge amount of gaskets, flanges, u-bolt clamps, v-bands and copper lock nuts in stock!As many of you already know, we have lots of different turbos, exhaust and etc in our range - but we also have a wide range of gaskets, flanges and v-bands for every use. Ari did a little work with the gaskets and flanges - now there are PCD and dimension information for every flange and gasket in our webshop to help the search.We also added a Holset HX35 oil return gasket at the request of our...
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