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Tires, Page 1

Street tires

Below are a few examples of tire set prices. Each price is for a set of four tires, including vat.

The list favors cheaper models which offer value for money, but we also have the top-end tires available.

For bigger orders, over 8 tires, or for tires not on the list, please contact our sales for a quote.

KokoMerkki, malliPrice (set of 4)
155/70R13Radburg MPT ENERGY, Pinnoitettu123
155/70R13Fullrun FRUN-ONE127
155/65R13Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring155
205/60R13Nankang XR-611 TourSport247
165/65R14Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring142
175/65R14Profil SPP 5, Pinnoitettu119
175/70R14Radburg BT, pinnoitettu123
175/65R14Fullrun FRUN-ONE135
195/55R15Fullrun FRUN-ONE155
195/55R15Goodride High Comfort RP28175
195/55R15Linglong GreenMax HP010175
205/55R15Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport207
205/55R15Toyo Proxes T1R339
205/55R15Nexen N BLUE ECO262
215/60R15Goodride High Comfort SP06223
215/60R15Federal SS 657275
215/65R15Linglong GreenMax HP010235
225/50R15Nankang XR-611 TourSport235
235/60R15Nankang XR-611 TourSport283
195/55R16Goodride High Comfort RP28203
195/55R16Nankang ECO-2+219
195/55R16Goodride High Comfort RP28203
205/55R16Radburg Power -pinnoitettu-143
205/55R16Fullrun FRUN-ONE167
205/55R16Linglong GreenMax HP010199
215/55R16Fullrun FRUN-ONE195
215/55R16Linglong GreenMax UHP 247
215/55R16Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport259
225/55R16Fullrun FRUN-ONE207
225/55R16Goodride Premium Grip SA37207
225/55R16Linglong GreenMax UHP 243
245/45R16Nankang Sportnex AS-2+299
195/45R17Nankang AS-1 Comfort Grip287
205/55R17Fullrun FRUN-HP287
205/55R17Hifly HF805287
205/55R17Federal FORMOZA AZ01327
215/55R17Fullrun F2000 XL267
215/55R17Goodride Premium Grip SA37299
215/55R17Hifly HF805291
225/50R17Fullrun F2000 XL275
225/50R17Goodride Premium Grip SA37299
225/50R17Linglong GreenMax UHP327
245/45R17Hifly HF805291
245/45R17Goodride Premium Grip SA37315
245/45R17Linglong GreenMax UHP327
215/45R18Profil Pro Ultra -pinnoitettu-227
215/45R18Goodride Premium Grip SA37299
215/45R18Linglong GreenMax UHP307
225/45R18Fullrun F2000 XL275
225/45R18Goodride Premium Grip SA37307
225/45R18Linglong GreenMax UHP315
235/40R18Linglong GreenMax UHP327
235/40R18Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport387
235/40R18Triangle Sportex315
245/40R18Fullrun F2000 XL287
245/40R18Goodride High Performance SA07327
245/40R18Linglong GreenMax UHP347
265/35R18Linglong GreenMax UHP367
265/35R18Triangle Sportex387
265/35R18Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport487
225/35R19Fullrun F2000 XL287
225/35R19Linglong GreenMax UHP327
225/35R19Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport427
235/35R19Fullrun F2000 XL287
235/35R19Triangle Sportex315
235/35R19Linglong GreenMax UHP327
245/35R19Fullrun F2000 XL327
245/35R19Hifly HF805331
245/35R19Linglong GreenMax UHP387
255/35R19Hifly HF805351
255/35R19Goodride High Performance SA07387
255/35R19General ALTIMAX SPORT515
275/35R19Nexen N8000 XL615
275/35R19Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport627
275/35R19Nexen N8000723

Please order your tires from our sales.

ET+ Fender roller on sale from 129.00 €

1item(s)on sale from 129.00 €
ET+ Fender roller
Heavy duty fender roller The ET+ fender roller is a sturdy choice which fits most 4- and 5-lug wheel hubs. The arm length is adjustable from 355 mm to 575 mm, so it is a real multipurpose roller.The kit includes the roller it's self, a set of spigot rings to center the tool, and suitable washers which allow fastening with the original wheel bolts.When you do have room in the fenders, we also carry Eibach Pro-Spacers and aluminum Titan wheel nuts.
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