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Tires, Page 1

Street tires

Below are a few examples of tire set prices. Each price is for a set of four tires, including vat.

The list favors cheaper models which offer value for money, but we also have the top-end tires available.

For bigger orders, over 8 tires, or for tires not on the list, please contact our sales for a quote.

KokoMerkki, malliPrice (set of 4)
155/70R13Radburg MPT ENERGY, Pinnoitettu123
155/70R13Fullrun FRUN-ONE127
155/65R13Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring155
205/60R13Nankang XR-611 TourSport247
165/65R14Linglong GreenMax EcoTouring142
175/65R14Profil SPP 5, Pinnoitettu119
175/70R14Radburg BT, pinnoitettu123
175/65R14Fullrun FRUN-ONE135
195/55R15Fullrun FRUN-ONE155
195/55R15Goodride High Comfort RP28175
195/55R15Linglong GreenMax HP010175
205/55R15Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport207
205/55R15Toyo Proxes T1R339
205/55R15Nexen N BLUE ECO262
215/60R15Goodride High Comfort SP06223
215/60R15Federal SS 657275
215/65R15Linglong GreenMax HP010235
225/50R15Nankang XR-611 TourSport235
235/60R15Nankang XR-611 TourSport283
195/55R16Goodride High Comfort RP28203
195/55R16Nankang ECO-2+219
195/55R16Goodride High Comfort RP28203
205/55R16Radburg Power -pinnoitettu-143
205/55R16Fullrun FRUN-ONE167
205/55R16Linglong GreenMax HP010199
215/55R16Fullrun FRUN-ONE195
215/55R16Linglong GreenMax UHP 247
215/55R16Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport259
225/55R16Fullrun FRUN-ONE207
225/55R16Goodride Premium Grip SA37207
225/55R16Linglong GreenMax UHP 243
245/45R16Nankang Sportnex AS-2+299
195/45R17Nankang AS-1 Comfort Grip287
205/55R17Fullrun FRUN-HP287
205/55R17Hifly HF805287
205/55R17Federal FORMOZA AZ01327
215/55R17Fullrun F2000 XL267
215/55R17Goodride Premium Grip SA37299
215/55R17Hifly HF805291
225/50R17Fullrun F2000 XL275
225/50R17Goodride Premium Grip SA37299
225/50R17Linglong GreenMax UHP327
245/45R17Hifly HF805291
245/45R17Goodride Premium Grip SA37315
245/45R17Linglong GreenMax UHP327
215/45R18Profil Pro Ultra -pinnoitettu-227
215/45R18Goodride Premium Grip SA37299
215/45R18Linglong GreenMax UHP307
225/45R18Fullrun F2000 XL275
225/45R18Goodride Premium Grip SA37307
225/45R18Linglong GreenMax UHP315
235/40R18Linglong GreenMax UHP327
235/40R18Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport387
235/40R18Triangle Sportex315
245/40R18Fullrun F2000 XL287
245/40R18Goodride High Performance SA07327
245/40R18Linglong GreenMax UHP347
265/35R18Linglong GreenMax UHP367
265/35R18Triangle Sportex387
265/35R18Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport487
225/35R19Fullrun F2000 XL287
225/35R19Linglong GreenMax UHP327
225/35R19Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport427
235/35R19Fullrun F2000 XL287
235/35R19Triangle Sportex315
235/35R19Linglong GreenMax UHP327
245/35R19Fullrun F2000 XL327
245/35R19Hifly HF805331
245/35R19Linglong GreenMax UHP387
255/35R19Hifly HF805351
255/35R19Goodride High Performance SA07387
255/35R19General ALTIMAX SPORT515
275/35R19Nexen N8000 XL615
275/35R19Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport627
275/35R19Nexen N8000723

Please order your tires from our sales.
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