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OBD2 fault code reading and reset

Price: 20,00 € incl.vat.
Time: while waiting, ca. 10 min.
For: OBD2 compliant cars (most 96/98 -> cars)

We can read and reset fault codes on OBD2 cars in our shop in Pornainen. Please check the location of the OBD2 connector in advance (usually in driver's foot compartment).

After resetting the codes, you will get a list of codes in the memory. Resetting codes is included in the price, but please note that resetting codes wont fix the condition that caused them, and the check engine light can remain on or come on again if the condition reoccurs.

We are sorry, but currently we don't read model specific systems or airbag lights. You will naturally not be charged in case our systems can't read your cars codes.

Can be done while waiting without an appointment in our shop in Pornainen.

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