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From this category you will find all sort of tools and equipments. For example there is lots of microfiber towels, camber tools, foam lances and pullers from known brands such as Sonax, Kamasa and Powerflex.

Powerflex camber alignment tool 67.00 €

Powerflex camber alignment tool
A handy little camber gauge which attaches to a brake disc with a magnet.Measures +- 6 degree of camber and has a calibrating knob as well.This gauge comes in it's own box, weighing less than a kilo. This is a very handy tool to have on track days and garages.

Kamasa socket set 1/2"+3/8"+1/4" 167 pcs 379.00 €

Kamasa socket set 1/2"+3/8"+1/4" 167 pcs
Kamasa Tools' range of tools for the real heavyweight tool kit, the largest installer of the series. The right tool for almost every need. The kit also includes tools for Torx and Allen sockets. The installer kit contains as many as 3 Socket wrench (1/4 ", 3/8" and 1/2 "), a wide range of sockets, crowfoot wrenches, short or long sleeves, a wide range of wrenches wrenches size 6-22 mm, extensions, joints, and cutting inserts. Also includes three very dense teeth ratchet wrench with 2-component handles. Dimensi

Kamasa spring clamp McPherson, K470 539.90 €

Kamasa spring clamp McPherson, K470
Perfect for general-purpose spring tensioner all McPherson spring struts. A maximum load of 3.8 tons. 3 different spring clamp pairs, distance 300 mm.2 pieces of the spring retainer 110 mm 2 pieces of the spring retainer 150 mm 2 pieces of the spring retainer 195 mm 1 pcs spring tensioner 453 mm 1 adapter

Kamasa brake fluid tester 29.90 €

Kamasa brake fluid tester
Pen shaped test tool, which is easy to check whether the brake fluid accumulated in the water. Shockproof design. Made with the relevant EU Directive. Intended for two types of DOT, DOT 3, DOT 4 May diode detector. Powered by 1 x 1.5V AAA. The brake fluid tester measures the brake fluid boiling point.
All Kamasa tools are available from us. This includes special products like BMW spark plug sockets and timing tools.