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A strut bar reduces body flex and improves cornering. It is also very easy on the eyes if your focus is more on how the car looks.

Cusco strutbars Nissan, Honda, mitsubishi & Toyota CLEARANCE on sale from 90.00 €

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Cusco strutbars Nissan, Honda, mitsubishi & Toyota CLEARANCE
Cusco highly supported by braces advantage and the rear shock absorber between the towers.Strut alleviate the living body, particularly when cornering and on uneven surfaces. Decreased body Living in turn increases the shock absorbers and suspension action.* Type-TI: Full titanium cross support. * Type-CB: 40mm Strut with carbon rod. * Type-Alc-40: Carbon fiber coated with a 38mm aluminum bar. * Type-40: Rod 40mm aluminum tube. * Type-40D Rod 40mm D shape in aluminum. * Type-Alc-OS: Aluminum oval, coat

Cusco strutbars on sale from 90.00 €

231item(s)on sale from 90.00 €
Cusco strutbars
The Cusco All All strutbars are made up to the highest standards. The bars are not made of plain profile, but also have an internal profile unlike cheaper strutbars.A strutbar reduces the flex of the body during cornering, and can increase the travel of the suspension up to 6 or 7mm which effectively means your upgraded suspension is more able to do it's job.*Type-TI: Full titanium strutbar. *Type-CB: 40mm carbon fiber strutbar. *Type-Alc-40: 38mm aluminum bar with a carbon fiber coating. *Type-40: 40mm