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Thermotec heat protection

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Reducing engine temperatures acts much like an intercooler. The cooler the intake air, the more power you get. Thermotech is ideal for thermal protection, and reduces engine bay tempertatures by up to 50 C.

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Thermotec heatwraps from 5.90 €

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Thermotec heatwraps
Thermotec heatwraps Thermotec heatwrap keeps engine-room temperatures down. Heatwrap is wrapped around exhaust manifold and it keeps most of the heat in exhaust gas.Thermotec wraps available in 15meter rolls and in 1 meter slices. Width 1 and 2 inches.- Can take 1100'c constant heat. Thickness below 2mm.Thermotec heatwrap material required Heat wrap required per meter of straight pipe. The lengths are advisory only, and for a straight pipe. Bends, collectors, lambda fittings and a changing diameter
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Thermotec heatshields from 25.90 €

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Thermotec heatshields
Exaust manifold insulation sock Decreases the temperatures in engine-room. Material is flexible which allows heatexpansion. For 4/6 and 8 cylinder engines.Exhaust pipe shield Easy & fast to install, includes attachment bands. 90cm length.Thermal insulation tube Wires and hoses, length 90cm. Available from 6-13mm, 15-25mm, 28-38mm, 38-50mm and 50-63mm in size.silencer heat shield Installation of the muffler, catalytic converter or similar heat source, size 61x101cm.Starter Motor thermal protect
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