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Our sensor range is comprehensive, and sensors for almost any car are available. Our webshop has a listing of the most common spares for gauges.

Vems EGT sensor (K-type) from 90.00 €

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Vems EGT sensor (K-type)
This a K-type thermocouple used on the Vems gauges and many engine managements. Range 0 - 1250 C.This is a strong sensor with a 6mm body, ideal for Turbo use and very hot conditions.Only the sensor tip, 10 to 15mm, should be in the exhaust stream. The thermocopuple cable can handle 250 C of heat.Thermocouple polarity The polarity on a thermocouple is important, because reverse polarity can damage the sensor. On the Vems K-Type thermocouple the green wire on the thermocouple cable go on the + side, and
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