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Bolts & nuts, Page 1
Eibach and Titan nuts are available at good prices. Titan nuts are also stock products.

Titan GT50 M12 x 1.25 pyöränmutterit poisto on sale from 49.00 €

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Titan GT50 M12 x 1.25 pyöränmutterit poisto
GT50-mallisarja: Pakettiin sisältyy 19kpl pyöränmuttereita, sekä pitkä 17mm hylsy. Muttereiden pituus 50mm / läpimeneviä, eli soveltuvat käytettäviksi myös pidempien pinnapulttien kanssa.– Testikiristetty 3x 400Nm – Materiaali: Teräs / Yhden mutterin paino 49gVanteiden offsetin saat kohdalleen pultattavilla tai tavallisilla Eibach spacereillä. Vanteiden sovittamista helpottamaan valikoimassamme on myös ET+ kaarimankeli.

Bimecc loose collar wheel bolts M12 and M14 from 3.10 €

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Bimecc loose collar wheel bolts M12 and M14
Loose collar eccentric wheel bolts allow fitting wheel with different pcd, for example 5x100 on a car with 5x112. Maximum change is +-2.4mm, so in theory a 5x110 car could have up to 5x112.4 / 5x107.6mm wheels.Eccentric bolts are available as M12x1.25 30mm M12x1.25 34mm M14x1.5 30mmKey 19mm Head diameter 28mm 60 deg. cone Finish: Zinc plated Sold per piece

Eibach wheel bolts from 3.00 €

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Eibach wheel bolts
From the drop down menu, you can find the right bolt for you easily. Types with flat-head, round-head and taper-head (60 degree).Also Loose head for taper and round-head available.The length is always the length of the thread, not the overall bolt length.Strength grade 10.9

Eibach wheel nuts from 2.00 €

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Eibach wheel nuts
Types can be selected with the drop down menu, type (open or closed.), thread and length.Especially recommended to make sure the thread length, if using closed nut (so the nut really thightens to wheel).Listed length is thread length. Listed length is total length in open nuts. Closed nuts lengths is listed length + 2mm.