OEM clutchhardware, Page 1

OEM clutchhardware, Page 1

OE clutch hardware

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OE cltuch hardware

When you use OE quality hardware you can rest assured that the parts you use as at least as strong and good as the originals. Throw out bearings, pilot bushes and cylinder kits are just an example of what is available.

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Release bearings, Oem from 45.00 €

12item(s)from 45.00 €
Release bearings, Oem
This page has the most popular bearings and hard-to-find JDM car release bearings listed. Other bearings are also available through our sales.When a release bearing fails, it makes a grinding or whining noise when the clutch pedal is pressed. The sound is annoying at best, but luckily the cure is easy and relatively cheap.We also carry other clutch brands like Clutch Masters, Sachs SRE, Black Diamond and Xtreme Clutch. The most popular Sachs SRE clutch covers, ARP flywheel bolts and braided clutch hoses are
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