Xtremeclutch clutches, Page 1

Xtremeclutch clutches, Page 1

Xtreme clutch clutches

Xtreme clutch performance cluthes

The Australian Xtreme clutch brand is a very proven brand offering clutches for street and competition applications. Clutches are available as organic, sintered and multiplate versions. Flywheels are also available.

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Xtreme Clutch kits from 325.00 €

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Xtreme Clutch kits
Xtreme Clutch kits offer loads of quality and hold for high-torque cars with still decent prices. In addition to 2- and 3-plate kits single disc-kits are available with organic or sintered discs.Generally the most popular Xtreme Clutch kits are available in 2 working days, or 1 to 2 weeks from our European stocks.Xtreme also makes flywheels, and is actually Australia's biggest manufacturer for dual mass flywheel conversion kits.Single-disc kits are supplied with the disc, cover, release bearing and asse
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