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From this category you will find smart clutch accessories, for example OEM release bearings, ARP flywheel bolts and oils. Accessories are available from Black Diamond, Red Line, ARP, Sachs and Castrol brands.

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Black Diamond braided clutch hoses from 27.50 €

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Black Diamond braided clutch hoses
A stronger and more rigid braided clutch hose is an essential upgrade when a stiffer clutch cover is used, or you want the precision of clutch usage to be at it's maximum.We also carry many clutch brands like Clutch Masters, Sachs SRE, Black Diamond and Xtreme Clutch. The most popular Sachs SRE clutch covers, ARP flywheel bolts and release bearings are also a part of our selection.
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Release bearings, slave and master cyliders as well as numerous other clutch parts are available from a comprehensive selection of spare parts.