Flywheels, Page 1

Flywheels, Page 1


General availabilities: stock or 1 - 2 weeks.

A lighter flywheel

A lightened flywheel increases engine responsivitiy and gains some power due to less rotating mass. Competition versions are also more durable than dual mass or cast oe units.

Xtremeclutch, Clutchmasters and OE flywheels are available.

We offer several brands of flywheels, please ask our sales or order from the webshop!

ARP flywheel bolts from 48.90 €

7item(s)from 48.90 €
ARP flywheel bolts
ARP flywheel bolts are reusable and wont stretch. These are a good option to add when upgrading a clutch or building a high-power engine.All other ARP bolts are also available. We also carry clutch brands like Clutch Masters, Sachs SRE, Black Diamond and Xtreme Clutch. The most popular Sachs SRE clutch covers, release bearings and braided clutch hoses are also a part of our selection.
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