Short shifters, Page 1

Short shifters, Page 1
Our own brand Race.Fi is the main brand for short shifters. It offers decent pricing and good products which we have sold hundreds of. Quaife shifters are also available for competition gear boxes.

Quaife 32G 6-speed sequential FWD from 919.00 €

2item(s)from 919.00 €
Quaife 32G 6-speed sequential FWD
Straight cut gears with open face dog engagement. 89mm shaft centres. 16.5mm wide gears. Maximum recommended 295bhp. Compact drum-type sequential design for faster gearshift. Quaife ATB or optional plate type differential.Large choice of final drive ratios. 100mm or tripod output flanges. Remote gearlever with optional length operating cables. Hydraulic clutch release bearing assy. Huge range of bellhousings to suit many applications.Gear ratios (base set)1st2nd3rd4th5th6th 2.6151.9371.6111.35
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