Cusco radiator caps, Page 1

Cusco radiator caps, Page 1

Cusco high pressure radiator caps

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High pressure radiator caps

We stock two models of high pressure caps, which increase the pressure in the cooling system, further allowing for a higher boiling point.

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Cusco radiator caps from 29.00 €

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Cusco radiator caps
Radiator caps The radiator caps purpose is to maintain a certain pressure in the coolant system. When the cap pressure is exceeded, the cap releases the pressure into the expansion tank. When the coolant cools down forming a negative pressure, the cap allows the flow back into the system.High pressure caps The original caps are usually rated to 0.7 - 0.9 bar. Cusco caps are rated at 1.3 bar.The boiling point of water raises by pressure: 0.0 bar: 100,0 C (atmospheric pressure) 0,7 bar: 115,4 C 1.0 bar:
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