Thermostats, Page 1

Thermostats, Page 1
Mishimoto racing thermostats as well as originals are available. We recommend Mishimoto for tuned engines, and OEM-level thermostats for everyday cars.

OEM Thermostats from 13.90 €

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OEM Thermostats
Engine thermostat The thermostat regulates the temperature of engine coolant. Depending on the model, it opens in 60 to 90 Celsius, and closes again when the temperature is 5 to 10 C lower. In other words, the thermostat mixes the cooler liquid in the radiator to cool down the engine, and also helps the engine to reach the optimal operating temperature quickly by only allowing flow through the radiator when it is needed.Effect on engine temperature An 80 C thermostat does exactly what you think, it tries to k
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