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Intercoolers, Page 1
Mishimoto intercoolers are proven quality, and available in both silver and black. From time to time, we also have a batch of affordable Race.Fi intercoolers.

Mishimoto Intercoolers on sale from 153.90 €

19item(s)on sale from 153.90 €
Mishimoto Intercoolers
Compressor pressurizing the air temperature can reach closer to 200 degrees. The cooler the air is, the more air can be confined to the engine - the temperature rises without volume increases. Intercooler task is therefore cooled and crystallized be summarized thus reaching the engine air.Intercooler cools better exchange and flowing intercooler significantly improve the performance of the engine. The new intercooler the flow resistance is smaller and the turbo or supercharger thong produced by the hot charge a
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