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Bosch EV14 injectors and Siemens Deka injectors for greater power needs. Injectors are available for example from Bosch and Siemens.

Bosch EV14 injectors from 51.00 €

Bosch EV14 injectors
Bosch EV14 injectors produce a precise and fine mist. They are sold as a matched set.All listed EV14 injectors are top-feed types, and capacities are listed at 3 bar pressures.The details describe injector length and capacities at different pressures as well as connector type and resistance.If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Injector Siemen Deka 630cc 95.00 €

Injector Siemen Deka 630cc
Siemens DEKA 630cc injectors.Our injectors are matched sets within 1% of each other. These are high-ohm (12,6 ohm) injectors, and for example in the Nissan CA18DET the injector resistor should be bypassed.O-ring to O-ring length 64mm.Flow: 630cc/min @ 3bar 727cc/min @ 4barOther names / codes for this injector: -Siemens FI114961 -Mototron INJ-GAS-006 -Accel 74620L -MSD/Edge 2030
Injectors like Siemens and Bosch E6 or EV14 are available. There are a lot of models, you can also ask our sales for for a quote. Please specify your car model when sending an inquiry.