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ACL engine bearings

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ACL race series and Duraglide breagings

The ACL race series is a triple layer bearing, which exceeds OEM quality. It can be used in stock engines, and applications up to over 1000hp 1JZ engines.

Duraglide is the second performance bearing from ACL, and it is used in applications like some BMW engines where no race series bearings are available. Duraglide has also proven to be an excellent bearing, and has been a part of numerous performance engines.
Compared to original, the ACL bearings are also quite cheap.

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ACL race series bearings from 59.00 €

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ACL race series bearings
The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering come together to deliver what drivers expect from high performance Tri-metal Hardened steel back -engine bearings.Designed to withstand higher RPM conditions, ACL Race Series Engine Bearings are available for many of the popular 4, 6 & 8 cylinder applications and feature:1. High strenght overlay plate with reduced thickness 2. Hardened steel backs on all conrod bearings 3. Increased crush and elimination of flash plating 4. Tight consistant wal
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